What's New?

Release Date: 2/13/2024
New Feature:
  • Periodic Review Required:
    • Added as a filter to the All Cleanup Sites list and No Further Action list.
    • Added to the Site Details pane (expand site row to view).
    • Added to export for both lists.
  • Home page, list description, and help menu wording updated for clarity.
  • “Confirmed and Suspected Contaminated Sites List” renamed to “Contaminated Sites List”.
  • Added Institutional Control filter to the No Further Action list (previously this filter was only available on the All Cleanup Sites list).
Release Date: 3/1/2022
New Feature:
  • “Map Results” button added to all lists except the Regulated Underground Storage Tanks list. Clicking this button will take you to the What’s In My Neighborhood application with your filtered results from CATS shown.
  • Added “Search Cleanups” and “Search USTs” to the top menu for easier access.
  • Clicking on a site name links to an updated cleanup site page to display more details about the site.
  • Home page and help menu wording updated for clarity.
  • List names updated to be more consistent throughout the application.
  • Removed “Site Reports” section from the home page. You can still access the Cleanup Site Details and UST System Summary PDF reports through the site lists.
Release Date: 8/19/2020
  • This website has a new name! It is now referred to as Cleanup and Tank Search
  • Enabled "live search" on filters that have many options. (ie County & Contaminant)
Release Date: 5/28/2020
New Feature:
  • A new ‘Public Documents’ section was added to all lists. It allows users to quickly see all available electronic documents, including those for underground storage tank (UST) sites.
  • Filters are now expanded by default
  • Site name links to Cleanup Site Page for that site (in all lists except the Regulated USTs, All Active & Inactive Facilities).
  • Institutional Controls field added to No Further Action Sites list to identify sites with active Institutional Controls.