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Former Whitty's Minimart Location
Former Whitty's Minimart Location
Ecology removed the Whitty’s Minimart 2 site from Hazardous Sites List in 2010, following cleanup.   
Whitty’s Minimart was a gas station for 20 years until it closed in 1992. In 1984, the minimart was identified as the source of gasoline found in a stormwater drainage system next to the gas station. A creek next to the station was also affected by the gasoline. Nearby residents reported smelling vapors from the gasoline as well. 
A series of investigations and actions were taken between 1991 and 1997 to further identify the degree of contamination caused by leaks in a gasoline distribution line and correct the problems.
Legal 4
Document Title Document Date Document Type
Whittys Northtown Chevron Agreed Order March 1997 3/28/1997 Agreed Order
Whitty's Minimart 2 Agreed Order 3/14/1997 Agreed Order
Whitty's Minimart 2 Enforcement Order 10/23/1991 Enforcement Order
Whitty's Minimart 2 Remedial AO 3/4/1991 Enforcement Order
Public Information 2
Document Title Document Date Document Type
Removal from Hazardous Sites List - Whitty's Minimart 3/20/2014 Fact Sheet\Public Notices
Whitty's Mini Mart 2 Periodic Review Available to Public 5/8/2008 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Technical Reports 1
Document Title Document Date Document Type
Whitty's Mini Mart 2 Periodic Review 4/1/2008 Periodic Review (5 Year)
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Surface Water
Non-Halogenated Organics - Petroleum Products-Unspecified RB RB
Non-Halogenated Organics - Petroleum-Other RB RB
Confirmed Above Cleanup Levels
Below Cleanup Levels
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