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Wesmar Company Inc
1451 NW 46TH SEATTLE WA 98107
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Wesmar Company Inc
Interactions for this facility/site
Interaction Interaction description Ecology program Ecology program contact Program ID Start date End date
Hazardous Waste Generator Facilities that generate any quantity of a dangerous waste.  They may be classified as SQG, MQG, or LQG depending on hazardous waste generated for a given month. HAZWASTE 800-874-2022
WAD050822170 4/9/1986 12/31/2003
Toxics Release Inventory Facilities in specific industries that manufacture, process or use more than the threshold amount of one or more of 600 listed toxic chemicals. Most threshold amounts are 10,000 or 25,000 pounds per year. Some chemicals have much lower thresholds. HAZWASTE (360) 407-6171
WAD050822170 1/1/1987 7/1/2003
Emergency/Haz Chem Rpt TIER2 Businesses that store 10,000 pounds or more of a hazardous chemical or 500 pounds or less, depending on the chemical, of an extremely hazardous chemical on site at any one time must report annually. Reports are sent to the State Emergency Response Commission [represented by Ecology] Local Emergency Planning Committees, and local fire departments for emergency planning. [product, not waste] HAZWASTE (360) 407-6171
WAD050822170 1/1/1988
State Cleanup Site A site is being cleaned up under state regulations. Regulations include Model Toxics Control Act or its predecessors. TOXICS (360) 407-7224
3/1/1988 6/13/1995
Hazardous Waste Planner Under Chapter 173-307 WAC, facilities that report under Section 313 of the Emergency Planning/Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA), or that generate more than 2,640 pounds of hazardous waste per year, must prepare Pollution Prevention Plans.  HAZWASTE (360) 999-3657
WAD050822170 1/1/1991 12/31/1995
Haz Waste Management Activity Facilities that are required to have an EPA/State ID number but who do not generate and/or manage hazardous waste (XQG generator status).  This includes transporters, used oil recycler's, and dangerous waste fuel marketers and burners. HAZWASTE 800-874-2022
WAD050822170 12/31/2003 12/31/2008
Enforcement Final An Enforcement action (i.e. Penalty, Order, Notice) was finalized and issued to the respective party, indicating the enforcement action was taken. The start and end date listed in the database are both the date the action was issued to the responsible party. TOXICS (360) 407-6712
NAICS codes for this facility
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325612 Polish and Other Sanitation Good Manufacturing
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