Weyerhaeuser Everett Mill E
515 E Marine View Dr, Everett, WA 98201

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Response to Comments

Ecology held a comment period on an agreed order (legal agreement), supplemental upland remedial investigation work plan, and public participation plan for the Weyerhaeuser Everett Mill E cleanup site (Site) in Summer 2020. Based on Ecology’s evaluation of the comments, no changes were made to the documents, and they are being finalized. The Site is located next to the Snohomish River in northeast Everett, WA.

The legal agreement between Ecology, Weyerhaeuser Company (Weyerhaeuser) and M.A.P. #2, LLC (M.A.P.) will require these potentially liable parties (PLPs) to complete a supplemental investigation, analyze cleanup options, and create a focused cleanup plan. After cleanup in 1999 by Weyerhaeuser under an Ecology-approved cleanup plan, periodic sampling shows that arsenic contamination levels may still be present in uncontained parts of the Site. Potential releases like this may be harmful to human health and the environment and must be further investigated and addressed under the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA).

The following documents were available for review and comment from June 22 - July 21, 2020:

Agreed Order:  this is a legal agreement between Ecology, Weyerhaeuser, and M.A.P. that requires these PLPs to investigate and describe contamination (Supplemental Remedial Investigation), analyze cleanup options (Focused Feasibility Study), and develop a draft Focused Cleanup Action Plan.

Supplemental Upland Remedial Investigation Work Plan: this document describes required additional testing in the soil and groundwater to begin in 2020. This information will support the Final Supplemental Remedial Investigation Report.

Public Participation Plan: this document explains how people can participate in the cleanup process.

Response to Comments

2019 Fact Sheet 

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Response to Comments

2019 Fact Sheet 

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The Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA; Chapter 70.105D RCW) is Washington’s environmental cleanup law. It provides requirements for contaminated site cleanup and sets standards that protect human health and the environment. Ecology enacts the MTCA and oversees cleanups. The MTCA site cleanup process is completed in steps (see graphic below) over a variable timeline.

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June 22 – July 21, 2020:
• 30-day public comment period.

Later 2020:
• Finalize documents. Ecology will review and consider all comments received and respond accordingly.

• Begin supplemental investigation testing.

2021 and beyond:
• PLPs begin work on Supplemental Remedial Investigation, Focused Feasibility Study, and draft Focused Cleanup Action Plan. These documents will be available for public review and comment.

• Ecology will approve a final Focused Cleanup Action Plan and determine when it is needed.


Weyerhaeuser Everett Mill E cleanup site Public Participation Plan
This plan includes information for the public regarding opportunities to get involved in the Site cleanup process. The outreach activities and mechanisms presented reflect Ecology’s current plans for keeping the public informed and for receiving information and comments from the public.  

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The Weyerhaeuser Everett Mill E Site is 8.9 acres located in northeast Everett, along the western bank of the Snohomish River. It is approximately two miles upstream of the river’s mouth. It is industrial property that is zoned M-2 heavy manufacturing. The Site was once part of a larger sawmill complex known as Mill B, or the Weyerhaeuser Everett East Site.

1915-1948: Weyerhaeuser used Mill E for lumber storage.

1948-1963: American Lumber and Treating Corporation (Koppers Company aka Beazer East, Inc.) used the Site for treating lumber from 1948 to 1963.

1963-1984: Weyerhaeuser converted part of the facility into an engine maintenance shop.

1971-1984: A small-diameter log sawmill operated at the northeast end of the site.
2005: Weyerhaeuser sold property that included Mill E in August 2005 to a subsidiary of Pacific Topsoils, Inc. (M.A.P.) who used the site to store wood pallets.

Everett Lumber plant site along edge of Snohomish River. In center of picture is Mill B, planing mill, loading shed; on far side of bridges is Mill C (dark buildings). Everett Pulp Division kraft mill is in the upper left. Weyerhaeuser Archives.
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Weyerhaeuser and Ecology entered into a Consent Decree (legal agreement) in 1998.  Under that legal agreement, Weyerhaeuser completed cleanup actions at the Site in 1999. Long-term monitoring has been conducted since then under the terms of the Consent Decree.

There is an Environmental Covenant on the Site that restricts certain activities that would compromise the cleanup.

Cleanup site facing southeast, March 2020
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Weyerhaeuser and M.A.P. conduct annual cleanup performance monitoring under the Consent Decree. Ecology performs periodic reviews of these testing reports. These monitoring reports and periodic reviews are available for review on the “View Electronic Documents” to the right.

Contamination in uncontained areas on the Site requires additional investigation. Arsenic contamination remains in soil and groundwater exceeding MTCA cleanup standards.

Additional testing, beginning in 2020, will provide information for the Supplemental Remedial Investigation Report that will describe the nature and extent of contamination on the Site. The Focused Feasibility Study and draft Focused Cleanup Action Plan will address contamination still present after the 1999 cleanup actions.


For a complete list of Site documents please see "View Electronic Documents" on the right.


Map showing site location as Snohomish County, WA SITE INFORMATION


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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 12

Cleanup Site ID: 2903

Everett, Snohomish County

Status: Construction Complete-Performance Monitoring   Get definitions of Status terminology

Sandra Matthews
Site Manager
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Meredith Pentzien
Public Involvement Coordinator
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