Industrial Warehouse
2450 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Industrial Warehouse
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The Industrial Warehouse Site is located at 2450 6th Avenue South in Seattle, Washington. The Site is defined by heating oil releases from heating oil underground storage tanks (USTs) to soil and groundwater.


The Site is located in the lower Duwamish industrial area, south of downtown Seattle. The area is completely developed, and dominated by commercial and industrial businesses.  The current buildings on the property were constructed between 1951 and 1961, and have been used as warehouses by different businesses for general storage and retail stores.


A free product recovery program was initiated in March 2003 and continued through November 2003. Approximately 300 gallons of free product was removed from the recovery well.


Three USTs were decommissioned in-place in March 2003, and removed in March and April of 2004. Considering the structural integrity of the warehouse building, excavation was limited in extent and contaminated soils were left in the vicinity of the USTs.

The excavation was backfilled with pea gravel to a depth of 4 feet below ground surface. The remainder of the excavation was backfilled with control density fill (CDF). A new concrete slab was later poured over the excavation.


Post-remediation groundwater monitoring was conducted, and results indicated that the plume is likely to be contained within the property.  


Following remedial activities, Ecology issued a No Further Action (NFA) determination letter on May 31, 2006 through the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). The NFA determination is contingent upon an environmental covenant, which was filed on the property on August 26, 2004. 


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Facility Site ID: # 1252928

Cleanup Site ID: 3929

Seattle, King County

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Sunny Becker
Site Manager
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Tamara Welty
Periodic Review Coordinator
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Nancy Lui
Public Involvement Coordinator
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