Glacier Park Budget Fuel West


The Glacier Park West site is located to the north and west of the intersection of Highway 2 and Chumstick Highway 209.   A separate site, known as Glacier Park East, is across Highway 209 from the Glacier Park West site. 

The Site operated as bulk petroleum storage facility. Over the years, spills or leaks from the petroleum storage tanks and fuel transferring operations contaminated the soil.

In 1992, the Site was added to Ecology’s Hazardous Sites List with a ranking of “1”.  Sites on the Hazardous Sites List are a priority for Ecology, and have completed a Site Hazard Assessment (SHA).  A SHA provides information about the environmental risk of the Site. Risk is based on the amount of contaminants, how toxic they are, and how easily they can come in contact with people and the environment.  Sites are ranked relative to each other on a scale of “1” to “5”; with a rank of “5” being the lowest.


In September 1996, Ecology received the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Report from Burlington Northern Railroad (BNRR), Budget Fuel, J.H. Ritchie and Shell Oil Co.  This report detailed the source and extent of contamination as well as cleanup options.  Additional sampling was performed under a “Technical Work Plan, Supplemental Site Characterization”, conducted July 1999, by Shell Oil and BNRR, in an effort to determine the suitability of applying the Interim TPH Policy at this site.  This policy provides an alternative way to determine cleanup levels on petroleum sites by evaluating risk pathways and must show that no threat or potential threat to human health and the environment is posed.


As a result of the sampling and monitoring that took place at the Site, Ecology determined that the site does not pose a threat to human health or the environment. The Site was removed from the Hazardous Sites List in 2001.

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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 350

Cleanup Site ID: 4058

Leavenworth, Chelan County

Status: No Further Action   Get definitions of Status terminology

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