Duvall Market
15802 Main St, Duvall, WA 98019


In 2016 three monitoring wells were installed to evaluate the status of the ground water. Ground water was encountered at depths from 45-60 feet below ground surface. No gasoline related contaminants were detected in the ground water.

Soil impacted with total petroleum hydrocarbons in the gasoline range (TPH-G) above state cleanup levels (Method A cleanup levels) remains in the southwest corner of the Property and extends to the western and southern right- of- ways and beneath Main Street. The contamination appears to be limited to a depth of up to 8 feet below ground surface. 


Property Uses:  The Property consists of a single split-level 6,744-square foot building on the north half of the Property and parking space in a mixed land use zone.  The Property is the location of a convenience store (Duvall Market).

Sources of contamination: The source of contamination on the Property is two former gasoline underground storage tanks (USTs) that reportedly last operated in 1976.  The USTs had storage capacities of approximately 675 and 4,000 gallons. They were both decommissioned in 2002. 


Soil: Total petroleum hydrocarbons in the gasoline range (TPH-G) and benzene.

Ground water:  No contaminants have been detected in the ground water.



This site was under the Voluntary Cleanup Program at Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) Northwest Regional Office. The Voluntary Cleanup Program enables owners of contaminated sites to meet state cleanup standards independently and to receive technical guidance from Ecology during the process.

The Voluntary Cleanup Program enables owners to work on a contractual basis rather than under an Ecology legal order. Participants in the Voluntary Cleanup Program pay fees to Ecology to cover the department’s costs for guidance and review. Voluntary Cleanup Program sites must meet the same cleanup standards as properties formally managed by Ecology under the state’s cleanup law, the Model Toxics Control Act, created by a 1989 voter initiative.

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Facility Site ID: # 7646431

Cleanup Site ID: 499

Duvall, King County

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