Boeing Renton
737 Logan Ave N, Renton, WA 98055

Boeing Renton facility seen from the walking and biking path along the Cedar River.
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Last Updated March 1, 2016

The Boeing plant in Renton is located along the south shore of Lake Washington and across the Cedar River from the Renton Municipal Airport. From 1941-1962, the U.S. Air Force manufactured planes at this site. Boeing acquired this property in 1962 and has manufactured planes since then.
This facility mainly produces 737 model commercial aircraft. Manufacturing operations include parts preparation, mechanical assembly, coating, testing, and other support operations associated with the final assembly of airplanes.  

Ecology's Corrective Action Coordinator Sean Smith checking out Boeing Renton's vapor intrusion mitigation equipment.
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Manufacturing aircraft requires many kinds of hazardous materials. The used or discarded materials are managed under an interim status hazardous waste permit. In May 1990, EPA conducted a site assessment and found that hazardous substances were released to soils and groundwater from several different locations at the facility. The releases were mainly from tank leaks and spills.

In August 2001, The Boeing Company completed the site remedial investigation. This investigation showed that soils and groundwater in localized areas beneath the facility were contaminated with various solvents and petroleum products from leaks and spills over the years.

These hazardous substances include:

Solvents                Fuels                Oils                   Heavy metals

Cleanup at the site.
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Ecology uses the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) for cleanup of hazardous waste sites. There are many steps to the cleanup process. The most important steps that the public can get involved in are the Remedial Investigation, Feasibility Study, and Cleanup Action Plan. Boeing is now carrying out the Cleanup Action Plan (CAP).

The CAP describes the selected cleanup methods. It also states cleanup standards and other requirements. The CAP is based on information and technical analyses from the RI/FS and public comments and community concerns.

The Cleanup Action Plan was prepared and approved, and an Agreed Order (No. 8191) to carry out this Cleanup Action Plan became effective in January 2013. Boeing is performing cleanup at 13 different locations. Four of them are located at a property leased at Renton Municipal Airport.

Contaminated soil vapor are extracted and treated at:

  • The middle of Boeing-owned property.
  • The leased property at Renton Municipal Airport.
  • Groundwater is treated by injecting oxygen- or hydrogen-releasing material into the groundwater. This material enhances microorganism activity which degrades and removes contaminants through biological reaction.

    Interim Cleanup Actions

    Over the past 18 years, several interim cleanup actions were done to prevent contaminants from reaching Lake Washington and the Cedar River, and to protect industrial workers from potential exposure to contaminated soils. Contaminated groundwater was pumped and treated, and contaminated soils were excavated. Any residues left in soil and groundwater underneath are being treated by enhanced bioremediation and soil vapor extraction.


    Map showing site location as King County, WA SITE INFORMATION


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    Cleanup Site Details Report

    Facility Site ID: # 2097

    Cleanup Site ID: 820

    Renton, King County

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