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Agricultural Burning (15 publications 2003-2019)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Concise Explanatory Statement: Chapter 173-430 WAC, Agricultural Burning 19-02-003April 2019
Rule Implementation Plan: Chapter 173-430 WAC, Agricultural Burning 19-02-002April 2019
How to Estimate Tons Per Acre or Tons Per Pile of Orchard Tear-Out Debris 10-02-045February 2013
New Agricultural Burning Permit Fees 10-02-015December 2011
Agricultural and Outdoor Burning Annual Report -- 2008 10-02-010May 2010
Agricultural Burning in Washington State: What You Need to Know 10-02-003February 2010
Rule Adoption Notice - Agricultural Burning, Chapter 173-430 WAC 06-02-014August 2006
Preliminary Cost Benefit and Least Burdensome Alternative Analysis: Chapter 173-430 WAC, Proposed Amendments to the Agricultural Burning Rule 06-02-008April 2006
Small Business Economic Impact Statement: Chapter 173-430 WAC, Proposed Changes to the Agricultural Burning Rule 06-02-007April 2006
Focus On Agricultural Burning 98-1027-AQJanuary 2006
How to Describe Your Burn Location 06-02-002January 2006
Focus on Reducing Smoke from Agricultural Burning 94-05August 2004
Non-Cereal Crop Best Management Practices Guidance 04-02-004March 2004
Post-Burn Reporting (For Field & Orchard Tear-out Burns) 04-02-003March 2004
Focus On Orchard Burning - Tear-Out and Prunings 00-02-009August 2003