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Burning (19 publications 1998-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Boletín Informativo del Plan de Limpieza y Documentos de SEPA para el Relleno Sanitario de Shelton C Street 21-09-096ESNovember 2021
Shelton C Street Landfill Fact Sheet Cleanup Plan and SEPA Documents 21-09-096November 2021
Cleaner Wood Burning 91-br-022November 2020
Progress in Reducing Fine Particle Air Pollution in Tacoma-Pierce County 19-02-009April 2019
Wood Smoke and Your Health 18-02-028October 2018
Frequently Asked Questions: Spokane Solid Fuel Burning Devices Rule and a Required Revision to the State Implementation Plan (SIP) 15-02-004March 2015
Achieving Attainment with Federal Air Quality Standards: Report to the Legislature 14-02-022January 2015
Preguntas Más Frecuentes: Reduciendo la Contaminación por Partículas Finas 14-02-017ESSeptember 2014
ផែនការគុណភាពខ្យល់អាកាសសំរាប់តំបន់តាខូម៉ា-ភាសខោនធី (Tacoma-Pierce County Area) 14-02-016KMSeptember 2014
Propuesto Plan para la Calidad de Aire 14-02-016ESSeptember 2014
Frequently Asked Questions: Reducing Fine Particle Air Pollution in the Tacoma-Pierce County Area 14-02-017August 2014
Aprende ántes de Quemar en el Centro de Washington 06-02-017ESMay 2013
How Wood Smoke Harms Your Health 91-br-023July 2012
Learn Before You Burn In Klickitat County 06-02-017-DOctober 2006
Learn Before You Burn in Douglas County 06-02-017-COctober 2006
Learn Before You Burn in Chelan County 06-02-017-BOctober 2006
Learn Before You Burn in Kittitas County 06-02-017AAugust 2006
Farming for Cleaner Air: Pulling Together to Make Progress 99-207July 1999
Concise Explanatory Statement: Grass Seed Field Burning Regulation 98-205January 1998