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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (32 publications 2001-2017)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Addendum to Quality Assurance Project Plan: Product Testing Program, Version 1.0 — PCBs in State Purchased Products 2017 17-04-004January 2017
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Resource Guide 08-07-049June 2013
EPP Fact Sheet: Office Products 11-07-028October 2011
EPP Fact Sheet: Re-used Office Supplies & Furniture 11-07-027October 2011
EPP Fact Sheet: Recycled Antifreeze 11-07-025August 2011
EPP Fact Sheet: Computers & Computer Equipment 08-07-040August 2011
EPP Fact Sheet: Biolubricants 13-07-011April 2011
EPP Fact Sheet: Integrated Pest Management for Buildings 13-07-005March 2011
EPP Fact Sheet: Integrated Pest Management for Grounds 13-07-014November 2010
Focus On Environmentally Preferable Purchasing: Achieving Best Value for the State 10-04-015October 2010
EPP Fact Sheet: Re-refined Motor Oil 10-07-020September 2010
EPP Fact Sheet: Office Paper 13-07-002April 2010
The Business Case for Buying Green 10-04-004February 2010
EPP Fact Sheet: Fluorescent Lamps 13-07-012August 2009
EPP Fact Sheet: Hybrid Electric Vehicles 13-07-006August 2009
EPP Fact Sheet: All Purpose Cleaning Products 13-07-003August 2009
EPP Fact Sheet: Remanufactured Toner Cartridges 13-07-001August 2009
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing - Developing a Successful EPP Program 09-04-029August 2009
EPP Bulletin: Developing a Successful EPP Program 09-07-028June 2009
EPP Fact Sheet: Floor Care Products 13-07-004April 2009
EPP Bulletin: Fluorescent Lamps 09-07-024April 2009
EPP Bulletin: All Purpose Cleaning Products 09-07-018April 2009
Sustainable State Government 09-04-009April 2009
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Product Fact Sheets and Questions for Vendors 08-07-048October 2008
Focus on Green Meetings 08-07-044October 2008
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing 08-04-018September 2008
EPP Fact Sheet: Native Plants 08-07-042August 2008
EPP Fact Sheet: Compost 08-07-041July 2008
EPP Fact Sheet: Wheel Weights 13-07-008May 2008
EPP Fact Sheet: Recycled Paint 13-07-010March 2008
EPP Fact Sheet: Floor Covering 13-07-007March 2008
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing: Project Report 01-04-019January 2001