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Groundwater - Water Levels (9 publications 1960-2014)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Focus on Water Availability: Lower Yakima Watershed, WRIA 37 11-11-041January 2014
Water in the Palouse River Basin, Washington WSB 39January 1975
Water in the Methow River Basin, Washington WSB 38January 1974
Hydrology of basalt aquifers and depletion of ground water in east-central Washington WSB 33January 1974
Appraisal of ground-water availability and management projections, Walla Walla River Basin, Washington and Oregon WSB 37January 1973
Availability of ground water in western Cowlitz County, Washington WSB 35January 1970
Ground-water withdrawal in the Odessa area, Adams, Grant, and Lincoln Counties, Washington WSB 31January 1968
Pleistocene stratigraphy of Island County, Pt. 1 and Ground-water resources of Island County, Pt. 2 WSB 25January 1968
Water resources of the Nooksack River Basin and certain adjacent streams WSB 12January 1960