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Groundwater - Water Resources and Supply (36 publications 1960-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation 2020-2021: Washington Department of Ecology and the National Groundwater Monitoring Network 21-03-104March 2021
Focus on: The Groundwater Permit Exemption 19-11-090November 2019
Statewide Groundwater Assessment: 2017 18-11-011July 2018
Predicted Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater Resources of Washington State 16-03-006March 2016
Computer Simulation and Geohydrology of a Basalt Aquifer System in the Pullman-Moscow Basin, Washington and Idaho WSB 48January 1979
Water in the Skagit River Basin, Washington WSB 47January 1978
Digital Model of the Gravel Aquifer, Walla Walla River Basin, Washington and Oregon WSB 45January 1976
Geology and water resources of the San Juan Islands, San Juan County, Washington WSB 46January 1975
Water in the Palouse River Basin, Washington WSB 39January 1975
Digital-model study of ground-water hydrology, Columbia Basin irrigation project, Washington WSB 40January 1974
Water in the Methow River Basin, Washington WSB 38January 1974
Water in the Okanogan River Basin, Washington WSB 34January 1974
Hydrology of basalt aquifers and depletion of ground water in east-central Washington WSB 33January 1974
Appraisal of ground-water availability and management projections, Walla Walla River Basin, Washington and Oregon WSB 37January 1973
Reconnaissance of sea-water intrusion along coastal Washington, 1966-68 WSB 32January 1971
Availability of ground water in western Cowlitz County, Washington WSB 35January 1970
Geology and Related Ground-water Occurrence, Southeastern Mason County, Washington WSB 29January 1970
Ground-water resources and related geology north-central Spokane and southeastern Stevens Counties, of Washington WSB 27January 1969
Reconnaissance of geology and of ground-water occurrence in Whitman County, Washington WSB 26January 1969
Ground-Water Survey, Odessa-Lind Area, Washington WSB 36January 1968
Ground-water withdrawal in the Odessa area, Adams, Grant, and Lincoln Counties, Washington WSB 31January 1968
Pleistocene stratigraphy of Island County, Pt. 1 and Ground-water resources of Island County, Pt. 2 WSB 25January 1968
Ground-water occurrence and stratigraphy of unconsolidated deposits, Central Pierce County, Washington WSB 22January 1968
Preliminary investigation of the geology and ground-water resources of the lower Chehalis River Valley and adjacent areas, Grays Harbor County, Washington WSB 30January 1966
Geology and ground-water resources of Thurston County, Washington, Volume 2 WSB 10bJanuary 1966
Geology and ground-water resources of the Walla Walla River Basin, Washington-Oregon WSB 21January 1965
Geology and Ground Water Resources of Clark County, Washington WSB 09January 1964
Geology and ground-water resources of northwestern King County, Washington WSB 20January 1963
Water resources and geology of the Kitsap Peninsula and certain adjacent islands WSB 18January 1963
Water resources of the Tacoma area, Washington WSB 19January 1962
Geology and Ground-Water Resources of West-Central Lewis County, Washington WSB 17January 1962
Flowing artesian wells in Washington State WSB 16January 1961
Geology and ground-water resources of Thurston County, Washington, Volume 1 WSB 10aJanuary 1961
Water resources of the Nooksack River Basin and certain adjacent streams WSB 12January 1960
A Preliminary report on the geology and ground-water resources of the Sequim - Dungeness area, Clallam County, Washington WSB 11January 1960
Geology and ground water resources of the Columbia Basin Project area, Washington -- Vol. 1 WSB 08January 1960