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Net Pens (7 publications 1986-2019)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Focus on: Marine Finfish Aquaculture 19-06-010October 2019
State Guidance for Commercial Pens of Atlantic Salmon 17-06-001August 2017
Shoreline Master Programs: commercial salmon net pens 15-06-006January 2017
Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement - Fish Culture in Floating Net-Pens 12-06-019January 1990
Work Plan and Cost Estimate for a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Salmon Net-Pen Culture in WA State 12-06-018January 1987
Recommended Interim Guidelines for the Management of Salmon Net-Pen Culture in Puget Sound 87-05December 1986
Aquaculture Siting Study 86-10October 1986