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Ocean Acidification (13 publications 2012-2019)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Eyes Over Puget Sound: Surface Conditions Report — March 26, 2019 19-03-072April 2019
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Ocean Acidification Monitoring at Ecology's Greater Puget Sound Stations 19-03-102January 2019
Sensitivity of the regional ocean acidification and carbonate system in Puget Sound to ocean and freshwater inputs. Article published in Elementa Science of the Anthropocene 2018, 6:22. 18-03-015April 2018
Seasonal variation in aragonite saturation in surface waters of Puget Sound – a pilot study. Article published in Elementa Science of the Anthropocene 2018;6(1):5. 18-03-003January 2018
Salish Sea Model: Ocean Acidification Module and the Response to Regional Anthropogenic Nutrient Sources 17-03-009June 2017
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Puget Sound Total Alkalinity and Dissolved Inorganic Carbon 14-03-116September 2014
Approach for Simulating Acidification and the Carbon Cycle in the Salish Sea to Distinguish Regional Source Impacts 14-03-002January 2014
Scientific Summary of Ocean Acidification in Washington State Marine Waters 12-01-016May 2013
Focus on: Ocean acidification in Washington’s waters 13-01-002January 2013
Ocean Acidification in Washington State - From Knowledge to Action: Governor’s Proposed 2013-15 Budget 12-01-018December 2012
Ocean Acidification in Washington State - Ocean Acidification: What You Need to Know 12-01-017December 2012
Ocean Acidification: From Knowledge to Action, Washington State’s Strategic Response 12-01-015November 2012
Agriculture - Preparing Washington for a Changing Climate 12-01-006September 2012