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Oil Spill Prevention Safety Advisory Bulletins (28 publications 2006-2023)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Safety Advisory Bulletin on Vessel Emergency Checklists 11-08-005October 2023
Focus on Safe Access to Vessels 09-08-013August 2023
FOCUS: Bridge Resource Management Guide (updated 7/23) 99-1302July 2023
FOCUS: Fatigue and Maritime Operations (updated Dec. 2022) 99-1303December 2022
Safety Advisory Bulletin 97-01: Deep Water Anchoring 00-08-004December 2022
Safety Advisory Bulletin 96-01: Shifting a Ship by Warping 00-08-003December 2022
FOCUS: Internal Oil Transfers (updated 11/22) 99-1307November 2022
FOCUS: Voyage Planning (updated October 2022) 98-254October 2022
Focus on: Boom Reporting Forms for Rate A Deliveries 21-08-020December 2021
Focus on: Vessel Loss of Propulsion Incidents 18-08-019December 2018
Safety advisory: New Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) standards 17-08-015September 2017
Automated tank gauging, high level alarms, and oil spills 16-08-013May 2016
Safety Advisory Bulletin: Marine Oil Transfer Spills and Inattention 14-08-008May 2014
Safety Advisory Bulletin on Preventing Vessel Emergencies in Washington Waters 14-08-006May 2014
Focus on Emergency Towing 06-08-003April 2014
Safety Advisory Bulletin 10-01 - Tug and Tank Barge Underway Operations 10-08-006August 2010
Safety Advisory Bulletin 09-02 - Mobile Phone (Cell Phone) Use and Marine Operations 09-08-017October 2009
Safety Advisory Bulletin 99-02: Passage Planning for the Oregon and Washington Coasts: Special Considerations 99-256May 2009
Safety Advisory Bulletin 99-01: Traffic Separation Scheme and Puget Sound Vessel Traffic Service 99-253May 2009
Safety Advisory Bulletin 00-01: The Importance of Identifying and Addressing Equipment Malfunctions 00-08-015May 2009
Safety Advisory Bulletin 98-01: Shipboard System Modifications 98-252April 2009
Safety Advisory Bulletin 94-02: Importance of Preventative Maintenance 00-08-007April 2009
Safety Advisory Bulletin 94-03: Piston Crown Maintenance 00-08-006April 2009
Safety Advisory Bulletin 94-01: Potential Problems with Steam Turbine Throttle Controls 00-08-005April 2009
Safety Advisory Bulletin 09-01: Lessons Learned from Vessel Fueling Spills 09-08-010March 2009
Fatigue and Oil-Handling Facilities Operations 07-08-010June 2008
Safety Advisory Bulletin 06-02: Oil Transfer Rates 06-08-019August 2007
Safety Advisory Bulletin 06-01: Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) 06-08-010May 2006