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What's in Your Food Packaging? 21-04-015March 2021
Sustainable Design with Biomimicry Poster 20-04-009May 2020
Poster: Keep Your Beach Clean 20-03-003April 2020
POSTER: Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Puget Sound Sediments, An Update: 2010 – 2015 19-03-012June 2019
POSTER: Monitoring temperature and chlorophyll a to explore the survival potential of Pacific herring larvae in Puget Sound 19-03-007May 2019
POSTER: Changes in Nitrate-N Concentration in the Sumas-Blaine Aquifer between 1997 and 2018 19-03-006April 2019
POSTER: How did a large-scale climate anomaly impact phytoplankton blooms in Puget Sound in 2015? 18-03-028July 2018
Auto Mercury Switch Removal poster 07-04-006July 2018
POSTER: Recent climate patterns are affecting seasonal water residence times and water temperatures in Puget Sound 18-03-023June 2018
POSTER: Spatial Distribution of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Biomass in Puget Sound – Establishing a Baseline 18-03-020May 2018
POSTER: Using ferry monitoring data to explore the importance of isotherms on the winter survival of Northern anchovy in Puget Sound 18-03-017April 2018
POSTER: Identifying sources of toxics using biofilms 17-03-029December 2017
POSTER: Underwater Visibility Maps – a Tool for Scuba Divers 17-03-017July 2017
POSTER: A look at the lower trophic levels: Biomass and size class determination of sediment-dwelling invertebrates residing in the Puget Sound 17-03-016July 2017
POSTER: Eyes Under Puget Sound: Monitoring and Identification of Benthic Invertebrates of the South Sound 16-03-041October 2016
Emission Check: Repair Waiver Requirements 16-02-020October 2016
POSTER: Do salinity and temperature in Budd Inlet drive jellyfish mass aggregations? 16-03-037September 2016
Current Developments in Vapor Intrusion (Poster format) 16-09-062May 2016
Common Environmental Reports for Facilities in Washington State - Poster 16-04-003March 2016
POSTER: Bacteria Trends at Marine Beaches in Washington State, 2003-2014 16-03-013March 2016
Go Recycle Coloring Poster 15-07-049November 2015
Litter Coloring Poster 15-07-047November 2015
Compost Coloring Poster 15-07-045November 2015
Bees, Bananas, Benign - Green Chemistry - Poster 15-04-010May 2015
Managing Dangerous Laboratory Waste - Poster 15-04-005May 2015
POSTER: The Changing Benthic Community in Puget Sound’s Commencement Bay from 1989-2014 15-03-014May 2015
Check Your Dangerous Waste Accumulation Area - Poster 15-04-006January 2015
Label Dangerous Laboratory Waste - It's the Law! - Poster 15-04-004January 2015
Debe Inspeccionar los Contenedores de Desechos Peligrosos (pequeño/grande) - Inspect Your Dangerous Waste Drums - Poster (Small/Large) 08-04-015ESOctober 2014
Inspect Your Dangerous Waste Drums - Poster (Small or Large) 08-04-015July 2014
POSTER: Anthropogenic Dissolved Oxygen Impacts in Budd Inlet: Comparing Influences from a Lake or Estuary 14-03-021May 2014
Fume Hoods: Top Ten Best Management Practices Poster 13-04-021December 2013
Using GIS to Inform and Manage Water Quality Improvement Actions 13-10-006May 2013
Smoke Follows Beauty . . . But What's in Smoke Can Be Ugly (Campfire Poster) 05-02-013March 2013
POSTER: 2011 Sediment Quality Assessment of the South Puget Sound Region and Budd Inlet, Including Comparisons with 1999 Regional Conditions 12-03-054November 2012
POSTER: SOPs for SPMDs 12-03-046September 2012
POSTER: Eyes Over Puget Sound: Integrating Multiple Observations to Report Current Conditions of Water Quality in Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca 12-03-034June 2012
POSTER: Using biological and habitat metrics to determine the effectiveness of TMDLs: A Case Study 12-03-033June 2012
POSTER: Puget Sound Toxic Loading Analysis: Hazard Evaluation for Chemicals of Concern in the Puget Sound Basin - Methodology and Results 11-03-068December 2011
New Agricultural Burning Permit Fees 10-02-015December 2011
POSTER: Calibration of a three-dimensional model of water quality in South Puget Sound 11-03-059October 2011
POSTER: Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products and Perfluorinated Chemicals in Puget Sound Sediments 11-03-051October 2011
POSTER: Nitrate Contamination in the Sumas-Blaine Aquifer, Whatcom County, Washington 11-03-027May 2011
POSTER: South Puget Sound Nitrogen Loading: Magnitudes and Sources 11-03-007January 2011
POSTER: Transport of Heat, Salt, Oxygen, and Freshwater within the Southernmost Extent of South Puget Sound: Year 2010 in Review 10-03-063December 2010
POSTER: Sediment transport and contaminant loading to the Lower Duwamish Superfund Site from the Green River: Application of innovative sampling technologies to verify model predictions 10-03-068November 2010
POSTER: South Sound Sediment Quality and Partnership Opportunities for 2011 Sediment Monitoring in South Puget Sound and Budd Inlet 10-03-067November 2010
POSTER: The Long-Term Fate and Bioaccumulation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Puget Sound 10-03-066November 2010
POSTER: Washington’s Swimming Beach Program: Bacterial Monitoring in Puget Sound 10-03-065November 2010
POSTER: Evaluating the Toxicity of Arsenic and Lead in the Tacoma Smelter Plume and Hanford Site Old Orchards Areas 10-03-062November 2010
Only Rain Down the Drain - Poster 10-04-017July 2010
Agricultural Burning in Washington State: What You Need to Know 10-02-003February 2010
POSTER: New Visual Tools to Use with Stream Temperature and Shade Modeling 09-03-038September 2009
POSTER: Using Models to Compare and Prioritize Actions in Puget Sound: Who’s Modeling What and Why? 09-03-035June 2009
POSTER: Modeling Dissolved Oxygen in Budd Inlet and Capitol Lake 09-03-034June 2009
POSTER: Use of Fluorescent Tracer Particles in the Lower Duwamish Waterway 09-03-029June 2009
POSTER: Groundwater Nitrate Below a Manured Dairy Field Over the Sumas-Blaine Aquifer 09-03-027June 2009
POSTER: South Puget Sound Dissolved Oxygen Study: Using Models to Inform Management Decisions 09-03-026June 2009
Washington Waters - Ours to Protect: Small Farms Manure Poster 08-10-201WAJune 2009
POSTER: The Sediment Quality Triad Index: An Indicator for Puget Sound & A Baseline (1997-2003) Update 09-03-024May 2009
POSTER: Sediment Quality in the Bays and Inlets of the San Juan Islands, Eastern Strait of Juan De Fuca, and Admiralty Inlet 09-03-023May 2009
POSTER: Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDES) in Puget Sound Sediments (2004-2008) 09-03-022May 2009
POSTER: The Washington Marine Shoreline Public Access Project 09-03-019May 2009
POSTER: Washington’s Swimming BEACH Program, Fecal Bacteria Monitoring and Beach Closures, 2004-2008 09-03-018May 2009
POSTER: Pesticides in Salmonid-bearing Streams in an Urban and Agricultural Watershed of the Salish Basin 09-03-008February 2009
POSTER: Pesticides in Salmonid-Bearing Streams: Intensive Sampling in an Agricultural Drain 08-03-014December 2008
Clean Cars Poster 08-02-016May 2008
Poster: Old Unocal contaminated site becomes the Olympic Sculpture Park 06-01-017December 2006
Poster: Puget Sound Progress - Creosote Log Removal and Estuary Restoration 06-01-016December 2006
Our Troubled Puget Sound 06-01-015December 2006
Streams Coloring Poster (11x17) 06-06-003January 2006
Wetlands are Home: A Guide to Washington's Wetlands Poster 03-06-033December 2003
Ecology Youth Corps: Jobs for Youth Poster 01-07-003February 2001
GO Recycle! Black and White Poster 99-515October 1999
Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Black and White Poster 99-514October 1999
Where Rivers Meet the Sea: A Guide to Washington's Estuaries Poster 98-104January 1998
Estuaries 95-p-515January 1995
Air Quality Poster: "We Share the Air" 95-208January 1995