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Recycling (Including E-Cycle) (37 publications 1999-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Impact - Product Stewardship & LSWFA 21-07-017May 2021
Focus on: Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Litter Control Account 16-07-027February 2021
Focus on: Collectors - Electronic Product Recycling Program 14-07-009February 2021
Focus on: Five Year Update of the Washington State Solid & Hazardous Waste Plan 20-07-033December 2020
Examples of Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs 20-07-034October 2020
Economic benefits of recycling focus sheet 19-07-005October 2020
Environmental benefits of recycling focus sheet 19-07-004October 2020
Focus on: Contamination Reduction and Outreach Plan 19-07-024June 2020
Focus On: Reclaimed Water 18-10-005March 2020
Manufacturer Plan Guidance for the Photovoltaic Module Stewardship Program 19-07-014January 2020
Program Guidelines Waste Reduction & Recycling Education 19-07-015July 2019
2019-2021 Public Participation Grants Program Guidelines 19-07-006March 2019
General Measurement Standards and Reporting Guidelines 15-07-004March 2019
Focus on: Creating a sustainable recycling system 18-07-022January 2019
Best Management Practices: Commingled Residential Recycling 18-07-014July 2018
Auto Mercury Switch Removal poster 07-04-006July 2018
Rule Implementation Plan - Reclaimed Water: Chapter 173-219 WAC 18-10-004January 2018
Concise Explanatory Statement - Chapter 173-219 WAC, Reclaimed Water: Summary of rulemaking and response to comments 18-10-003January 2018
Final Regulatory Analyses for Chapter 173-219 WAC, Reclaimed Water 18-10-001January 2018
2015-2016 Washington Statewide Waste Characterization Study 16-07-032January 2018
Focus on E-Cycle Washington 12-07-062May 2017
You Auto Recycle - A Guide for Vehicle Recycling 97-433January 2017
Optimizing the Commingled Recycling Systems in Northwest Washington 16-07-028October 2016
Materials Recovery & Use Study 16-07-007August 2016
Focus on Transporters & Handlers Of Recyclable Materials 15-07-006February 2015
Benefits of C&D Debris Recycling and Diversion 13-07-060February 2015
Benefits of Recycling: Metals, Paper, Construction Debris and Organics 13-07-059February 2015
Proposed Rule Repeal Notice 14-07-018July 2014
The Benefits of a Re-Use Center Video 13-07-056March 2014
Focus on the Benefits of Recycling 13-07-019April 2013
Acceptable Uses for Recycled Asphalt Roofing in Washington State 09-07-074January 2011
Beyond the Curb - Tracking the Commingled Residential Recyclables from Southwest WA 10-07-009July 2010
Environmentally Sound Management and Performance Standards for Direct Processors 07-07-046November 2007
Vehicle Mercury Light Switch Removal Guide 05-04-024August 2006
Memo of Understanding Establishing the WA State Motor Vehicle Mercury Switch Removal Program 06-04-016January 2006
Focus on Spent Antifreeze 03-04-017September 2003
Solid Waste in Washington State, Eighth Annual Status Report 99-509December 1999