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Shoreline Master Programs (31 publications 1990-2011)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Concise Explanatory Statement: Chapter 173-18 WAC, Chapter 173-20 WAC, Chapter 173-22 WAC, Chapter 173-26 WAC, and Chapter 173-27 WAC 11-06-007February 2011
Rule Implementation Plan - Chapter 173-18 WAC, Chapter 173-18 WAC, Chapter 173-22 WAC, Chapter 173-26 WAC, and Chapter 173-27 WAC 11-06-004February 2011
Web Guidance for Channel Migration Assessment under SMA 08-06-013May 2008
Focus on Definition of a "Floodway"in the State Shoreline Management Act 07-01-006January 2007
Ecology Report: Restoration Planning and the 2003 Shoreline Management Guidelines 04-06-022June 2004
Shoreline Guidelines Rule: Small Business Economic Impact Statement 03-06-036December 2003
Shoreline Guidelines Rule: Evaluation of Probable Benefits and Costs and Least Burdensome Analysis 03-06-035December 2003
Shoreline Guidelines Rule: Concise Explanatory Statement (CES) 03-06-034December 2003
Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Shoreline Master Program Guidelines Rule Amendment (WAC 173-26, Sections 171 to 251) 03-06-006December 2003
A Framework for Delineating Channel Migration Zones 03-06-027November 2003
Frequently Asked Questions about Shoreline guidelines rule-making 03-06-019July 2003
Fact Sheet: New version of shoreline guideline rules ready for public comment 03-06-018July 2003
Shoreline Management Act (SMA) - Guidance in Administering Permit Exemptions 01-06-012bOctober 2001
Focus Sheet: Shoreline Management - Exemptions from the Substantive Development Permit Process 01-06-012October 2001
Comparison between Path A and Path B of Washington State's Shoreline Master Program Guidelines 01-06-010March 2001
Introduction to Ecology's new shoreline master program guidelines 01-06-004January 2001
Evaluation of Probable Benefits and Costs: Amended Shoreline Master Program Guidelines (Chapter 173-26 WAC) 00-06-043November 2000
Shoreline Master Program Guidelines: Summary Comparison of the "working draft," and Path A and B of Ecology's current proposal 00-06-025June 2000
Focus: Key provisions of proposed shoreline rules 00-06-023June 2000
Introduction to Washington's Shoreline Management Act (RCW 90.58) 99-113December 1999
Shoreline Master Program Guidelines Update 98-111January 1998
Shoreline Master Program Amendments 97-116January 1997
Shorelines Hearings Board Digest Supplement to the 4th Edition (Cases decided 1994 & 1995) 97-103January 1997
Shoreline Management Act Regulatory Reform Update 96-112January 1996
Shoreline Management Act Regulatory Reform 95-108January 1996
WA State Shorelines Hearings Board Digest of Decisions-1994 Supplement to the Fourth Edition 95-110January 1995
Enforcing the Shoreline Management Act: Guidance for Local Government Administrators 95-101January 1995
Shorelines Hearings Board Digest of Decisions, Fourth Edition 94-167January 1994
Shoreline Management Guidebook 2nd Edition 93-104aJanuary 1994
Case Studies of Conditioned Public Access in Puget Sound 91-040January 1991
Shoreline Public Access Handbook 90-006January 1990