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Streamflow (12 publications 1962-2020)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Wide Hollow Creek Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH Water Quality Study for Aquatic Life, 2013-2014 20-03-007July 2020
Frequently Asked Questions: WRIA 1 Rulemaking Amendment to Chapter 173-501 WAC 19-11-081May 2020
Standard Operating Procedure EAP109, Version 1.1: Watershed Health Monitoring: Estimating Stream Discharge (Narrow Protocol) 19-03-226December 2019
Final Guidance for Determining Net Ecological Benefit 19-11-079July 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP019, Version 1.2: Estimating Stream Flows Using a Flume 19-03-223July 2019
Focus on: New streamflow restoration law 18-11-006May 2019
Streamflow Restoration under Chapter 90.94 RCW WRIA 1 rulemaking 19-11-067April 2019
Walla Walla Watershed Planning Area: Prediction of Gaged Streamflows by Modeling 11-03-002January 2011
Results of Low-flow Surveys in the Yakima River Above and Below Prosser STP, October 5-6, 1982, and September 13-14, 1983. 84-e22January 1984
Miscellaneous stream-flow measurements in the State of Washington, 1890 to January 1961 WSB 23January 1964
Geology and Ground-Water Resources of West-Central Lewis County, Washington WSB 17January 1962
Monthly and yearly summaries of hydrographic data in the State of Washington -- October 1953 to September 1960 WSB 15January 1962