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Underground Storage Tanks (14 publications 2003-2020)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Leak Testing Checklist ECY 070-69May 2020
Underground Storage Tank - 30 day Notice ECY 020-95May 2019
Retrofit/Repair Checklist for Underground Storage Tank ECY 070-71October 2018
Operational Status Notice to Return Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) to Service ECY 070-526October 2018
Temporary Closure Notice for Underground Storage Tanks ECY 070-525October 2018
Fuel Request for Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) ECY 070-522October 2018
Underground Storage Tank Impressed Cathodic Protection Evaluation Checklist ECY 070-340October 2018
Underground Storage Tank Galvanic Cathodic Protection Evaluation Checklist ECY 070-339October 2018
Permanent Closure Notice ECY 020-94October 2018
Underground Storage Tank - Site Check/Site Assessment Checklist ECY 010-158October 2018
Alternative Fuel Installation or Conversion Checklist ECY 070-523February 2016
Underground Storage Tank Information/Checklist Order Form ECY 020-96October 2015
Class C Operator Training Records ECY 070-494June 2013
Underground Storage Tank Cathodic Protection Checklist ECY 070-70June 2003