Public Notices for Section 401 Water Quality Certifications & CZM Federal Consistency

Listed below are the current public notices for projects requesting a Section 401 water quality certification under the federal Clean Water Act and/or a Coastal Zone Management consistency decision under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act. The public notices are sorted by the comment deadline and provided in PDF format.

*Instructions for comment provided in the public notice document.

Federal Reference # Comment Deadline Applicant Project Description County Public Notice Document Additional Information
11/09/2020 FFP Project 101 LLC Goldendale Pumped Storage KLICKITAT Ecology Public Notice Application
202000760 10/24/2020 Seattle Port of Elliot Bay Net Pen KING Joint Public Notice
202000635 10/24/2020 Terrell, Rick Rivershore Drive Marina Maintenance Dredge CLARK Joint Public Notice Application
201300288P 10/19/2020 Vancouver Port of Vancouver Riprap Shoreline, Outfalls, and Log Booms Maintenance CLARK Joint Public Notice
201200196P 10/19/2020 Vancouver USA Port of Waterfront Maintenance Program – Dock Structures and Piling CLARK Joint Public Notice Application
202000571 10/01/2020 NorthPoint Holdings, LLC Cascade Logistics Park SNOHOMISH Joint Public Notice Application
201900450 09/20/2020 Northwest Shellfish Company Inc. Hjelm Tideland - Commercial Shellfish THURSTON Joint Public Notice Application
201900876 09/19/2020 Island County Diking District 1 Sunlight Beach Erosion and Restoration ISLAND Joint Public Notice Application