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Argo-K Corporation details and products

Address 8030 Main Street NE
Company Argo-K Corporation
City Minneapolis
State MN
ZIP 55432-1844
Country USA
Phone (763) 780-4116
Fax (763) 780-4316
First Name Chapman
Last Name Mayo
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
9170/112020Clear Top-Set No 7/15/2021Disodium Octaborate; Sodium Molybdate
8946/112020Biomax No 9/29/2020Cobalt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
8947/112020Topset DL No 9/29/2020Ammonium Molybdate,Boric Acid
8948/112020Clean Copper No 9/29/2020Copper Sulfate
8949/112020Symbooster 10X No 9/29/2020Ammonium Molybdate
9083/112020Clean Boron No 9/29/2020Sodium Borate
9084/112020Clean Cal-Boron No 9/29/2020Sodium Borate
8941/112020Zinc Dextrolac No 9/29/2020Zinc Sulfate
8942/112020Manganese Dextrolac No 9/29/2020Manganese Sulfate
8943/112020Vigor Copper No 9/29/2020Copper Sulfate
8944/112020Sysstem-Ready No 9/29/2020Manganese Carbonate,Zinc Carbonate
8741/112019Clean Molybdenum No 5/6/2019Sodium Molybdate
8660/112018Sysstem Zinc No 10/23/2018Magnesium Carbonate,Zinc Carbonate
8661/112018Clean Iron No 10/23/2018Citric Acid,Ferric Sulfate
8662/112018Clean Zinc No 10/23/2018Citric Acid,Zinc Sulfate
8663/112018Clean Manganese No 10/23/2018Citric Acid,Manganese Sulfate
8664/112018Clean Bromax No 10/23/2018Cobalt Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
8652/112018Copper Dextro Lac No 9/13/2018Copper Sulfate
8653/112018Clean Copper No 9/13/2018Citric Acid,Copper Sulfate
8570/112018Clean Boron No 8/13/2018Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate
8571/112018Clean Cal-Boron No 8/13/2018Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate
8572/112018Clean SeaCal 0-0-0.15 No 8/13/2018Calcium Chloride Chelated,Citric Acid,Kelp
8573/112018Clean Micromix No 8/13/2018Copper Sulfate,Iron Sulfate,Magnesium Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
8574/112018Symspray 20X No 8/1/2018Ascophyllium Nodosum,Cobalt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
8575/112018Zinc Dextro-Lac No 8/1/2018Zinc Carbonate
8576/112018Manganese Dextro-Lac No 8/1/2018Manganese Carbonate
8577/112018Vigor Copper No 8/1/2018Copper Sulfate
8578/112018Sysstem Zn No 8/1/2018Zinc Phosphate
8579/112018Symspray Ready No 8/1/2018Manganese Phosphite,Zinc Phosphite
8580/112018Symspray Manganese No 8/1/2018Manganese Phosphite
8581/112018Top Set DL No 8/1/2018Ammonium Molybdate,Boric Acid
8582/112018Symbooster 10X No 8/1/2018Ammonium Molybdate,Ascophyllium Nodosum,Cobalt Carbonate,Manganese Edta,Zinc Edta
8076/112016Symbooster 10x No 8/30/2016Ammonium Molybdate,Ascophyllium Nodosum,Cobalt Carbonate,Manganese Edta,Zinc Edta
8077/112016Symspray 20x No 8/30/2016Ascophyllium Nodosum,Cobalt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
8078/112016Bio Max No 8/30/2016Cobalt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
8075/112016Copper Dextro Lac No 8/19/2016Copper Sulfate
8025/112016Zinc Dextro Lac No 8/3/2016Zinc Carbonate
8026/112016Manganese Dextro Lac No 8/3/2016Manganese Carbonate
8027/112016Vigor Copper No 8/3/2016Copper Sulfate
8032/112016Clean Copper No 7/11/2016Citric Acid,Copper Sulfate
7986/112016Clean Iron No 4/6/2016Citric Acid,Ferric Sulfate
7987/112016Clean Manganese No 4/6/2016Citric Acid,Manganese Sulfate
7988/112016Clean Zinc No 4/6/2016Citric Acid,Zinc Sulfate
7989/112016Clean Biomax No 4/6/2016Cobalt Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
7707/112015Top Set DL No 7/27/2015Ammonium Molybdate,Boric Acid
7635/112015Sysstem MN No 2/10/2015Manganese Phosphite
7610/112014BioMax (Symbex) No 11/17/2014Cobolt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
7611/112014Copper Dextro-Lac No 11/17/2014Copper Sulfate
7612/112014Sysstem Ready No 11/17/2014Zinc Phosphite,Manganese Phosphite
7157/112012Copper Dextro-Lac No 11/9/2012Copper Sulfate
7158/112012Copper Dextro-Lac No 11/9/2012Copper Sulfate
7159/112012Sysstem Moly Z No 11/9/2012Zinc Carbonate,Ammonium Molybdate
7143/112012Symbooster 10x No 11/1/2012Cobolt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
7132/112012Sysstem Zn No 10/24/2012Zinc Phosphite
7130/112012Zink Dextro Loc No 10/19/2012Zinc Carbonate
7131/112012Manganese Dextro Lac No 10/19/2012 
6885/112011Iron Dextro-LAC No 8/31/2011Iron Carbonate
6772/112011BioMax (Symbex) No 5/10/2011 
6773/112011Sysstem Ready No 3/9/2011 
6774/112011Sysstem MN No 3/9/2011 
6559/112010Symbooster 10X No 9/30/2010Zinc Sulfate,Cobolt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate
3369/112010Zinc Dextro-Lac No 9/30/2010Zinc Carbonate
3370/112010Manganese Dextro-Lac No 9/30/2010Manganese Carbonate
3371/112010Vigor Copper No 9/30/2010Copper Sulfate
4363/112009Sysstem - ZN No 7/9/2009Zinc Phosphite
4364/112009Transit - zinc No 7/9/2009Zinc Carbonate
4516/112009VZP No 11/17/2008Zinc Phosphite,Phosphorous Acid
4517/112009Vigor-Mn-Phos No 11/17/2008Manganese Phoshite,Phosphorous Acid
4504/112008Symbooster 10X No 9/8/2008Cobolt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
4505/112008Symspray No 9/8/2008Cobolt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
4506/112008Zinc Dextro-Lac No 9/8/2008Zinc Carbonate
4507/112008Manganese Dextro-Lac No 9/8/2008Manganese Carbonate
4508/112008Vigor Copper No 9/8/2008Copper Sulfate
4509/112008Moly Z phos No 9/8/2008Zinc Carbonate,Ammonium Molybdate
6132/112006Manganese Dextro-Lac No 8/4/2006 
6124/112006Hytec Foliar Liquified Fish Fertilizer Yes 7/27/2006Fish Meal
6125/112006Symbooster 10X No 7/27/2006 
6126/112006Symspray No 7/27/2006 
6127/112006VZP No 7/27/2006 
6128/112006Vigor-Mn-Phos No 7/27/2006 
6093/112006Zinc Dextro-Lac No 7/20/2006 
5999/112005VZP No 2/24/2006 
6000/112005Vigor-Mn-Phos No 2/24/2006 
5408/112004Hytec Foliar Liquified Fish Fertilizer Yes 8/12/2004Fish Meal
6731/112002Symspray No 8/16/2002 
6729/112002Hytec Foliar Liquified Fish Fertilizer Yes  Seagoing Fish
6730/112002Symbooster 10X No   
7128/112012Symbuster 10x No  Cobolt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate and Zinc Sulfate
7129/112012Vigor Copper No  Copper Sulfate
4253/112001Hytec Foliar Liquified Fish Fertilizer Yes  Seagoing Fish
4254/112000Multi Purpose Micronutrients No   
4255/112000Symbooster 10X No   
4256/112001Symbooster 10X No   
4257/112000Symspray No   
4258/112001Symspray No   
8945/112020Biomax No  Cobalt Carbonate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate