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Argoplus Operation LLC details and products

Address P.O. Box 1250
Company Argoplus Operation LLC
City Hawkins
State TX
ZIP 75765
Country USA
Phone (903) 769-3752
Fax (903) 769-4443
First Name Paul
Last Name Shaw
Comments Diane Cardwell is also a contact **Company name chage as of July 2014
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
9085/132020Grozyme Micronutrient Spray No 8/3/2020Boric Acid,Cobalt Sulfate,Copper Sulfate
8498/132018Grozyme Micronutrient Spray No 7/2/2018Boric Acid,Cobalt Sulfate,Copper Sulfate,Ferric Nitrate,Manganese Nitrate,Sodium Molybdate
8022/132016Grazyme Micronutrient Spray No 8/5/2016Boric Acid,Cobalt Sulfate,Copper Sulfate,Ferric Nitrate,Maganese Nitrate,Sodium Molybdate
8028/132016Manganese Dextro Lac No 8/3/2016Manganese Carbonate
8029/132016Vigor Copper No 8/3/2016Copper Sulfate
8030/132016Zinc Dextro Lac No 8/3/2016Zinc Carbonate
8031/132016Sysstem Zn No 8/3/2016Zinc Phosphate
7536/132014Grozyme Micronutrient Spray No 7/9/2014Boric Acid,Cobolt Sulfate,Copper Sulfate,Ferric Nitrate,Manganese Nitrate,Sodium Molybdate
7117/132012Miller Iron Chelate DP No 9/7/2012Iron Dtpa
7087/132012Grozyme Micronutrient Spray No 7/30/2012Boric Acid,Cobolt Sulfate,Copper Sulfate,Ferric Nitrate,Manganese Nitrate,Sodium Molybdate
5883/132010GroZyme Micronutrient Spray No 7/21/2010Boric Acid,Cobolt Sulfate,Copper Sulfate,Ferric Nitrate,Manganese Nitrate,Soddium Molybdate
4387/132008GroZyme Micronutrient Spray No 9/8/2008Boric Acid,Cobolt Sulfate,Copper Sulfate
5499/132004GroZyme Micronutrient Spray No 10/12/2004 
3167/132002GroZyme Micronutrient Spray No 7/26/2002 
4260/132001GroZyme Micronutrient Spray No 8/22/2000 
4259/132000GroZyme Micronutrient Spray No