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Northwest Agricultural Products details and products

Address 821 S. Chestnut Ave.
Company Northwest Agricultural Products
City Pasco
State WA
ZIP 99301
County Franklin
Country USA
Phone (509) 547-8234
Fax (509) 547-8095
First Name Carole
Last Name Mackey
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
7377/402013NAP Polybor 5 No 9/11/2013Boric Acid
7378/402013NAP Polybor 10% No 9/11/2013Boric Acid
7379/402013NAP Polybor 10% No 9/11/2013Boric Acid
7380/402013Copper Polyamine No 9/11/2013Copper Sulfate,Amino Acid,Polysaccharides
7381/402013Iron Polyamine No 9/11/2013Iron Sulfate Heptahydrate,Amino Acids Polysaccharides
7382/402013Manganese Polyamine No 9/11/2013Manganese Sulfate,Polysaccharides Anhydro-N-Acetyl,Glucosamine
7383/402013Zinc Polyamine No 9/11/2013Polysaccharides,Zinc Sulfate,Amino Acids
7384/402013Boron Polyamine No 9/11/2013Sodium Tetraborate,Polysaccharides
6944/402011NAP Ploybor 5 No 10/19/2011Boric Acid
6945/402011NAP Cyto Pak Micro No 10/19/2011Micronized Copper Sulfate
6946/402011NAP Poly Bor 10% No 10/19/2011Boric Acid
6947/402011Copper Polyamine No 10/19/2011Copper Sulfate,Amino Acids,Polysaccharide
6948/402011Iron Ployamine No 10/19/2011Iron Sulfate Heptahydrate,Amino Acids,Polysaccharides
6949/402011Manganes Polyamine No 10/19/2011Manganese Sulfate,Polysaccharide,Anhydro-N-Acetylglucosamine
6950/402011Zinc Polyamine No 10/19/2011Zinc Sulfate,Amino Acids,Polysaccharides
6951/402011Boron Polyamine No 10/19/2011Sodium Tetraborate,Polysaccharides
4442/402010NAP Nutriplex PolyBor 5 No 6/8/2010Boric Acid
4443/402010Cyto-Pak Micro No 6/8/2010Micronized Copper Sulfate
4444/402010Polybor 10 No 6/8/2010Boric Acid
4607/402008Yeoman Brand Organic N7% 7-0-0 Yes 6/23/2008Fermented Chicken Manure
6598/402007NAP Nutriplex PolyBor 5 No 11/14/2007 
6599/402007NAP Copper Polyamine No 11/14/2007 
6600/402007NAP Iron Polyamine No 11/14/2007 
6601/402007NAP Zinc Polyamine No 11/14/2007 
6602/402007NAP Boron Polyamine No 11/14/2007 
6603/402007Cyto-Pak Micro No 11/14/2007 
6604/402007Polybor 10 No 11/14/2007 
5792/402005NAP Nutriplex PolyBor 5 No 7/22/2005 
5793/402005NAP Micro-Polyamine No 7/22/2005 
5794/402005NAP Boron Polyamine No 7/22/2005 
5795/402005Cyto-Pak Micro No 7/22/2005 
5796/402005Pronatural Boron No 7/22/2005 
5797/402005ProNatural Copper No 7/22/2005 
5798/402005ProNatural Iron No 7/22/2005 
5799/402005ProNatural Manganese No 7/22/2005 
5800/402005ProNatural Zinc No 7/22/2005 
5801/402005Polybor 10 No 7/22/2005 
5389/402004NAP Nutriplex Cop-Plex No 8/9/2004 
5390/402004NAP Nutriplex Micro-Pak No 8/9/2004 
5391/402004NAP Nutriplex PolyBor 5 No 8/9/2004 
5392/402004NAP Micro-Polyamine No 8/9/2004 
5393/402004NAP Copper Polyamine No 8/9/2004 
5394/402004NAP Iron Polyamine No 8/9/2004 
5395/402004NAP Manganese Polyamine No 8/9/2004 
5396/402004NAP Zinc Polyamine No 8/9/2004 
5397/402004NAP Boron Polyamine No 8/9/2004 
5398/402004Cyto-Pak Micro No 8/9/2004 
5399/402004Zinc Chelate 10% No 8/9/2004 
5400/402004Pronatural Boron No 8/9/2004 
5401/402004Foli-Gro Gold Copper No 8/9/2004 
5402/402004Foli-Gro Gold Iron No 8/9/2004 
5403/402004Foli-Gro Gold Manganese No 8/9/2004 
5404/402004Foli-Gro Gold Zinc No 8/9/2004 
5405/402004Polybor 10 No 8/9/2004 
3313/402001NAP Nutriplex Cop-Plex No 3/4/2002 
3314/402001NAP Nutriplex Micro-Pak No 3/4/2002 
3315/402001NAP Nutriplex PolyBor 5 No 3/4/2002 
3316/402001Cyto-Pak Micro No 3/4/2002 
3317/402001Zinc Chelate 10% No 3/4/2002 
4196/402000Micro-Polyamine No 2/10/2000 
4201/402000Boron Polyamine No 2/10/2000 
4202/402000Cyto-Pak Micro No   
4203/402000Zinc Chelate 10% No   
4200/402000Phyto Chem Zinc Polyamine No   
3225/402001Polybor 10 No   
3318/402001NAP Micro-Polyamine No   
3319/402001NAP Copper Polyamine No   
3320/402001NAP Iron Polyamine No   
3321/402001NAP Manganese Polyamine No   
3322/402001NAP Zinc Polyamine No   
3323/402001NAP Boron Polyamine No   
3324/402001Foli-Gro Gold Boron No   
3325/402001Foli-Gro Gold Copper No   
4191/402000NAP Nutriplex Cop-Plex No   
4192/402000NAP Nutriplex Micro-Pak No   
4193/402000NAP Nutriplex PolyBor 5 No   
4194/402000Phyto Chem Copper Polyamine No   
4195/402000Phyto Chem Iron Polyamine No   
6717/402001Foli-Gro Gold Iron No   
6718/402001Foli-Gro Gold Manganese No   
6719/402001Foli-Gro Gold Zinc No