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Helena Chemical Co. details and products

CO_AG_ID 133
Address 225 Schilling Blvd., Ste. 300
Company Helena Chemical Co.
City Collierville
State TN
ZIP 38017
Country USA
Phone (901) 752-4422
Fax (901) 758-1694
First Name Susan
Last Name Lofton
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8751/1332019Kickstand Micro Mix No 5/24/2019Copper Edta,Manganese Edta,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Edta
8629/1332018Kickstand DG + FE Greens Grade 0-0-0 No 8/30/2018Iron Humates
8630/1332018Kirkstand DG + ZN No 8/30/2018Zinc Humate,Zinc Oxide
8558/1332018Kickstand DG + Mn No 8/10/2018Manganese Carbonate,Manganese Humate
8559/1332018Kickstand Zn 7 No 8/10/2018Zinc Edta
8132/1332016Kickstand DG + FE Greens Grade 0-0-0 No 10/17/2016Iron Humates
8133/1332016Kickstand DG + ZN No 10/17/2016Zinc Humate,Zinc Oxide
8134/1332016Kickstand DG + MN No 10/17/2016Manganese Carbonate,Manganese Humate
8135/1332016Kickstand Zn7 0-0-8 No 10/17/2016Zinc Edta
7487/1332014Kickstand Micro Mix No 3/4/2014Copper Edta,Manganese Edta,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Edta
7205/1332013Kickstand DG + FE Greens Grade 0-0-0 No 1/31/2013Iron Humates
7206/1332013Kickstand DG + ZN No 1/31/2013Zinc Oxide,Zinc Humate
7207/1332013Kickstand DG + MN No 1/31/2013Manganese Carbonate,Manganese Humate
7208/1332013Kickstand Zn 7 0-0-8 No 1/31/2013Zinc Edta
7209/1332013Deertree Forage Supplement No 1/31/2013Cobolt Hydroxide,Copper Oxychloride,Sodium Chloride,Zinc Oxide
3526/1332010Kickstand Zn 7 0-0-8 No 12/20/2010Zinc Edta
6582/1332010Kickstand DG + ZN No 9/30/2010Zinc Oxide,Zinc Humate
6583/1332010Kickstand DG + MN No 9/30/2010Manganese Carbonate,Manganese Humate
4643/1332007HM - 0651 No 1/7/2008Zinc Oxide
4644/1332007HM - 0652 No 1/7/2008Manganese Carbonate
5254/1332004Tracite Liquid Boron 10% Yes 6/15/2004 
3224/1332001Tracite Liquid Boron 10% No   
4853/1332002Tracite Liquid Boron 10% No