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Loveland Products, Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 193
Address PO Box 1286
Company Loveland Products, Inc.
City Greeley
State CO
ZIP 80632
Country USA
Phone (970) 347-1481
Fax (970) 347-1565
First Name Christine
Last Name Coon
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8950/1932020Leaf Life 2% Boron No 9/28/2020Boron (Source Boron 21)
8953/1932020NutriSync Zinc No 9/28/2020Zinc Sulfate
8954/1932020Rebar 3 No 9/28/2020 
8955/1932020Circa Zn No 9/28/2020Zinc Oxide
8967/1932020Boron Liquid 10% No 9/28/2020Boron
8968/1932020Microminor 3 Mg No 9/28/2020Magnesium Nitrate
8969/1932020Microminor 5.5 Fe No 9/28/2020Iron Sulfate
8970/1932020Microminor 8% Calcium No 9/28/2020Calcium Nitrate
8971/1932020Microminor 4 Cu No 9/28/2020Copper Sulfate
8681/1932018Microminor 8 Ca No 11/26/2018Calcium Nitrate
8676/1932018Microminor 3-0-0.3 Mg No 11/6/2018Magnesium Nitrate
8677/1932018Microminor 5.5 Fe No 11/6/2018Ferrous Sulfate
8678/1932018Microminor 4 Cu No 11/6/2018Copper Sulfate
8658/1932018Circa Zn No 10/23/2018Zinc Oxide
8640/1932018Leaf Life 2% Boron Solutions No 8/28/2018Sodium Borate
8641/1932018Nutrisync Boron No 8/28/2018Boric Acid
8642/1932018Nutrisync Manganese No 8/28/2018Manganese Acetate
8643/1932018Blackjack Mg No 8/28/2018Magnesium Sulfate
8644/1932018Blackjack B 10% Boron 10% No 8/28/2018Boric Acid
8602/1932018Rebar 3 No 8/14/2018Iron Eddha
8202/193201730 No 6/12/2017Boric Acid
8180/1932017Nutri Sync Zinc 6% Zn No 5/1/2017Zinc Sulfate
8149/1932016Nutrisync Manganese No 11/22/2016Manganese Acetate
8039/1932016Rebar 2 No 7/11/2016Iron Eddha
8047/1932016Leaf Life .2% Boron Solution No 6/21/2016Sodium Borate
8048/1932016Nutrisync Boron No 6/21/2016Boric Acid
7662/1932014Blackjack B 10% Boron No 4/13/2015Boric Acid
7605/1932013Blackjack Mg No 11/21/2014Magnesium Sulfate
7517/1932014LeafLife Organics 2% Boron Solution No 6/19/2014Sodium Borate
7476/1932014Rebar 2 No 2/19/2014Iron Eddha
7269/1932013NutriSync Boron No 4/12/2013Boric Acid
7270/1932013Nutri Sync Manganese No 4/12/2013Mangnese Acetate
7151/1932012Leaf Life 2% Boron Solution No 11/6/2012Sodium Borate
6985/1932011Loveland Boron Liquid 10% No 12/9/2011Boric Acid
6922/1932011Leaf Life Organics 2% Boron Solution No 10/17/2011Sodium Borate
5882/1932010Nortrace Citraplex 20% Iron No 7/21/2010Iron Sulfate
4075/1932010Nortrace Citraplex 20% Copper No 7/21/2010Copper Sulfate
4076/1932010Nortrace Citraplex 25% Zinc No 7/21/2010Zinc Sulfate
4904/1932010Groganic 4-2.5-8 12 Ca green grade Yes 7/7/2010Dried Poultry Manure,Sulfate Of Potash,Feather Meal,Blood Meal
4905/1932010Groganic 8-2-4 Yes 7/7/2010Dried Poultry Manure,Sulfate Of Potash,Feather Meal,Blood Meal
4916/1932009Signature rizzastar endo G 3-2-6 Yes 7/7/2010Dried Poultry Manure,Blood Meal,Sulfate Of Potash,Molasses,Ferrous Sulfate
5619/1932010Groganic 5-3-2 fertilizer Yes 7/7/2010Dried Poultry Manure
5679/1932010Groganic 3-2-6 greens grade Yes 7/7/2010Dried Poultry Manure,Blood Meal,Sulfate Of Potash,Molasses,Ferrous Sulfate,Kelp
5680/1932009Boro soll 10 No 7/7/2010Boric Acid
6578/1932008Nortrace Citraplex 20% Copper No 9/15/2008Copper Sulfate
6579/1932008Nortrace Citraplex 25% Zinc No 9/15/2008Zinc Sulfate
6580/1932008Nortrace Citraplex 20% Iron No 9/15/2008Iron Sulfate
6183/1932006Nortrace Citraplex 20% Copper No 9/1/2006 
6184/1932006Nortrace Citraplex 25% Zinc No 9/1/2006 
5958/1932005Notrace Borosol 10 No 12/22/2005 
5725/1932004Nortrace Citraplex 20% Copper No 6/3/2005 
5726/1932004Nortrace Citraplex 25% Zinc No 6/3/2005 
5727/1932004Nortrace Citraplex 20% Iron No 6/3/2005