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Stoller Enterprise, Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 310
Address 4001 W. Sam Houston Pkwy, Suite 100
Company Stoller Enterprise, Inc.
City Houston
State TX
ZIP 77043
Country USA
Phone (713) 461-1493
Fax (713) 461-4467
First Name Leanna
Last Name Smith
Comments (713) 461-1493 ext.24
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
9206/3102021Micro-Plus Manganese No 8/23/2021Citric Acid,Manganese Chloride
9021/3102020Sugar Mover Premier No 8/19/2020Boron,Molybdenum
7664/3102015Stoller Pro SugarPro No 5/18/2015Boric Acid,Sodium Molybdate
7437/3102013Nitrate Balancer No 11/7/2013Boric Acid,Sodium Molybdate
7423/3102013Flower Power No 10/21/2013Boric Acid,Copper Chloride,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Oxide
7385/3102013Root Power No 9/18/2013Boric Acid,Zinc Oxide
7386/3102013Como Classic Cobalt Molybdenum Enhancer No 9/18/2013Colbalt Sulfate,Sodium Molybdate
7332/3102013Keylate Copper 5% No 8/7/2013Reviewed 2x Before (Per Rob Rieck)
7333/3102013Micro Plus 5% Manganese No 8/7/2013 
7334/3102013Micro Plus 10% Zinc No 8/7/2013 
6984/3102011Power Plus No 11/16/2011Boric Acid,Molybdic Oxide,Zinc Oxide
6959/3102011Keylate 9% Zinc No 11/7/2011Zinc Oxide
6960/3102011Rezist No 11/7/2011Copper Sulfate,Manganese Oxide,Zinc Oxide
6927/3102011Keylate Copper 5% No 10/17/2011Copper Hydroxide Chelated
6928/3102011Nitrate Balncer No 10/17/2011Boric Acid,Molybdic Oxide
6929/3102011Stoller Micro Plus Manganese No 10/17/2011Manganese Chlated With Carboxylic Acid
6930/3102011Stoller Micro Plus 10% Zinc No 10/17/2011Zinc Chelated With Carboxylic Acid
6886/3102011Stoller Root Power No 8/30/2011Boric Acid,Zinc Oxide
6765/3102011Stoller Sugar Mover No 5/4/2011 
6766/3102011Cobalt Molybdenum Enhancer No 5/4/2011 
6767/3102011Flower Power No 5/4/2011 
4425/3102010Keylate Copper 5% No 10/27/2009Copper Hydroxide-Chelated
4426/3102010Nitrate Balancer No 10/27/2009Boric Acid,Molybdic Oxide
4427/3102010Stoller Micro-Plus Super Starter No 10/27/2009Copper,Iron,Manganese,Zinc Chelated With Carboxylic Acid
4428/3102010Stoller Micro-Plus Manganese No 10/27/2009Manganese Chelated With Carboxylic Acid
4429/3102010Stoller Micro-Plus 10% Zinc No 10/27/2009Zinc Chelated With Carboxylic Acid
4597/3102008Liquid Boron 9% No 6/23/2008 
4598/3102008Keylate 9% Zinc No 6/23/2008 
4599/3102008Keylate Copper 5% No 6/23/2008 
4600/3102008Nitrate Balancer No 6/23/2008 
4601/3102008Rezist No 6/23/2008 
4602/3102008Stoller Micro-Plus Super Starter No 6/23/2008 
4603/3102008Stoller Micro-Plus Manganese No 6/23/2008 
4604/3102008Stoller Micro-Plus 10% Zinc No 6/23/2008 
4605/3102008Stoller Sugar Mover No 6/23/2008 
4606/3102008Como Classic 0-0-0 + 2% Co + 3% Mo No 6/23/2008 
4673/3102007Keylate Super Starter Yes 2/1/2008Zinc Oxide,Manganese Oxide
4674/3102007Root Power Yes 2/1/2008Boric Acid,Zinc Oxide
6542/3102006Keylate Super Starter Yes 11/6/2007Zinc Oxide,Manganese Oxide
6274/3102006Como Classic 0-0-0 + 2% Co + 3% Mo No 9/25/2006 
6275/3102006Keylate 9% Zinc No 9/25/2006 
6276/3102006Liquid Boron 9% No 9/25/2006 
6056/3102005Stoller Micro-Plus Super Starter No 6/7/2006 
6004/3102005Keylate Copper 5% No 3/20/2006 
6005/3102005Nitrate Balancer No 3/20/2006 
6006/3102005Rezist No 3/20/2006 
6007/3102005Stoller Micro-Plus Manganese No 3/20/2006 
6008/3102005Stoller Micro-Plus 10% Zinc No 3/20/2006 
6009/3102005SETT No 3/20/2006 
5730/3102005Stoller Flower Power No 6/27/2005 
5702/3102004Stoller Bio-Power No 4/20/2005 
5703/3102004Stoller Sugar Mover No 4/20/2005 
5211/3102003Stoller Micro-Plus Super Starter No 3/3/2004 
5212/3102003Stoller Micro-Plus Manganese No 3/3/2004 
5213/3102003Stoller Micro-Plus 10% Zinc No 3/3/2004 
5181/3102003Keylate Zinc No 11/25/2003 
5182/3102003Liquid Boron No 11/25/2003 
5183/3102003Keylate Copper 5% No 11/25/2003 
5184/3102003Nitrate Balancer No 11/25/2003 
5185/3102003Rezist No 11/25/2003 
3311/3102001Keylate Zinc No 3/4/2002 
3312/3102001Liquid Boron No 3/4/2002 
3860/3102000Keylate Zinc No   
3861/3102000Liquid Boron No