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Tiger-Sul Products (Canada) Co. details and products

CO_AG_ID 322
Address 6444 42 Street SE
Company Tiger-Sul Products (Canada) Co.
City Calgary Alberta
Country Canada
Phone (403) 203-4522
Fax (403) 236-9049
First Name Danielle
Last Name White-Burke
Comments This is a Canadian Co.
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8434/3222018Accuseed 0-0-0 Yes 3/18/2018Bentonite,Elemental Sulphur
8423/3222018Tiger 90 CR Agricultural Sulphur No 3/13/2018Bentonite,Elemental Sulphur
8424/3222018Tirger Organic Agricultural Sulphur 90% No 3/13/2018Bentonite,Elemental Sulphur
8425/3222018Tiger Micronutrients Iron 22% No 3/13/2018Elemental Sulphur,Iron Oxide
8426/3222018Tiger Micronutrients Copper 12% No 3/13/2018Copper Oxide,Elemental Sulphur
8427/3222018Tiger Micronutrients Manganese 15% No 3/13/2018Elemental Sulphur,Manganese Oxide
8428/3222018Tiger Micronutrients Zinc 18% No 3/13/2018Elemental Sulphur,Zinc Oxide
8429/3222018Tiger Micronutrients Potato Mix No 3/13/2018Elemental Sulphur,Manganese Oxide,Zinc Oxide
8430/3222018Tiger Micronutrients Rice Mix No 3/13/2018Elemental Sulphur,Iron Oxide,Zinc Oxide
8431/3222018Boron 2% (80% S, 2% B) No 3/13/2018Anhydrous Borax,Elemental Sulphur
8432/3222018Tiger XP Sulphur No 3/13/2018Elemental Sulphur
8433/3222018Tiger Combo No 3/13/2018Ammonium Sulphate,Elemental Sulphur
7933/3222015Tiger XP Sulphur No 10/14/2015Elemental Sulphur
7934/3222015Tiger Combo No 10/14/2015Ammonium Sulfate Elemental Sulfur
7943/3222015Tiger 90 CR Agricultural Sulphur No 10/14/2015Bentonite,Elemental Sulphur
7944/3222015Tiger Organic Agricultural Sulphur 90% No 10/14/2015Bentonite,Elemental Sulphur
7945/3222015Tiger Micronutrients Iron 22% No 10/14/2015Elemental Sulphur,Iron Oxide
7946/3222015Tiger Micronutrients Potato Mix No 10/14/2015Elemental Sulphur,Manganese Oxide,Zinc Oxide
7947/3222015Tiger Micronutrients Rice Mix No 10/14/2015Elemental Sulphur,Iron Oxide,Zinc Oxide
7948/3222015Boron 2% (80% S, 2% B) No 10/14/2015Anhydrous Borox,Elemental Sulphur
7949/3222015Tiger Micronutrients Copper 12% No 10/14/2015Copper Oxide,Elemental Sulphur
7950/3222015Tiger Micronutrients Manganese 15% No 10/14/2015Elemental Sulphur,Manganese Oxide
7951/3222015Tiger Micronutrients Zinc 18% No 10/14/2015Elemental Sulphur,Zinc Oxide
7283/3222013Boron 2% (80%S, 2%B) No 7/3/2013Anhydrous Borax,Elemental Sulpher
6988/3222011Tiger 90 CR Agricultural Sulphur No 12/9/2011Elemental Sulphur,Bentonite
6989/3222011Tiger Organic Agricultural Sulphur 90% No 12/9/2011Elemental Sulphur,Bentonite
6992/3222011Tiger Micronutrients Iron 22% No 12/9/2011Iron Oxide,Elemental Sulphur
6993/3222011Tiger Micronutrients Copper 12% No 12/9/2011Copper Oxide,Elemental Sulphur
6994/3222011Tiger Micronutrients Manganese 15% No 12/9/2011Manganese Oxide,Elemental Sulphur
6995/3222011Tiger Micronutrients Zinc 18% No 12/9/2011Zinc Oxide,Elemental Sulphur
6996/3222011Tiger Micronutrients Potato Mix No 12/9/2011Zinc Oxide,Manganese Oxide,Elemental Sulphur
6997/3222011Tiger Micronutrients Five and Five No 12/9/2011Iron Oxide,Zinc Oxide
6998/3222011Tiger Micronutrients Turf Mix No 12/9/2011Iron Oxide,Zinc Oxide,Elemetnal Sulphur
6999/3222011Tiger Micronutrients Turf Mix II No 12/9/2011Iron Oxide,Manganese Oxide,Elemental Sulphur
7000/3222011Tiger Micronutrients Rice Mix No 12/9/2011Iron Oxide,Zinc Oxide,Elemental Sulphur