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Wilbur-Ellis Co. details and products

CO_AG_ID 349
Address 7 E. Washington Ave.
Company Wilbur-Ellis Co.
City Yakima
State WA
ZIP 98903
County Yakima
Country USA
Phone (509) 248-6171
Fax (509) 457-6613
First Name Bruce
Last Name Gill
Comments Formerly did business at 11804 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane, WA 99206 Contact: Bob Knittel
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8510/3492018Versatile Iron Shield No 7/19/2018Iron Eddha,Leonardite
7803/3492015Pro Natural Multi Minerals No 8/27/2015Copper Sulfate,Ferrous Sulfate,Leonardite,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
7805/3492015ProNatural Dry 10-1-0 Yes 8/27/2015Crab Meal,Feather Meal,Molasses
7438/3492013ProNatural Multi Mineral No 11/15/2013 
7439/3492013Pro Natural Dry Soil Stimulant 5-3-0 Yes 11/15/2013 
7440/3492013Pronatural Dry 10-1-0 Yes 11/15/2013 
7398/3492013Faligro Zinc 7% No 10/14/2013Zinc Sulfate,Organic Acids Amino Acids Leonardite
7399/3492013Pronatural Dry 13-0-0 Yes 10/14/2013Feather Meal,Blood Meal
7400/3492013Foli Gro Boron 10% No 10/14/2013Boric Acid,Copper Ids,Copper Edta
7401/3492013Pronatural Ma No 10/14/2013Manganese Amino Acid Complex
7402/3492013Foli Gro Copper 5% No 10/14/2013Copper Oxide,Leonardite
7403/3492013Foli Gro Iron 5% No 10/14/2013Sulfate Heptahydrate,Leonardite
7404/3492013Veratile IDS Chelated Micronutrient Boron No 10/14/2013Boric Acid
7405/3492013Proganic 8-2-4 Yes 10/14/2013Dried Poultry Meal,Manure,Blood Meal,Feather Meal,Sulfate Of Potash
7224/3492013Foligro Liquid Foliar Fertilizer Boron 10 No 2/4/2013Boric Acid
6955/3492011ProNatural Mn No 10/27/2011Manganese Amino Acid Complex
6776/3492011Proganic 8-2-4 Yes 3/30/2011 
6777/3492011Foli Gro Liquid Foliar Fertilizer Boran 10% No 3/30/2011 
6778/3492011Versatile IDS Chelated Micronutrient Copper No 3/30/2011 
6779/3492011Versatile IDS Chelated Micronutrient Iron No 3/30/2011 
6783/3492011Versatile IDS Chelated Micronutrient Boron No 3/30/2011 
6784/3492011Versatile IDS Chelated Micronutrient Zinc No 3/30/2011 
6785/3492011Lighthouse Hight Nitrogen Bat Guano Fertilizer 10-3-1 Yes 3/30/2011 
6786/3492011Pro Natural Dry 13-0-0 Yes 3/30/2011 
5670/3492009Foli-Gro Liquid Foilar Fertilizer Micro 336 No 8/5/2010 
5704/3492009Foli-Gro Liquid Foliar Fertilizer Boron 10 No 8/5/2010 
6288/3492009Lighthouse cottonseed meal 5-2-1 Yes 8/5/2010Shelled Cotton Seeds
4274/3492009Lighthouse High N Bat Guano 7-4-1 Yes 8/5/2010Bat Guano
4781/3492010Versatile IDS Agra Mix II No 8/5/2010Copper Edta,Copper Ids,Manganese Edta,Manganese Ids,Zinc Edta,Zinc Ids,Boric Acid
4793/3492009Mora-Leaf Zinc 52% micronized neutral zinc No 8/5/2010 
4528/3492009Pro Natural Dry Soil Stimulant 5-3-0 Yes 11/18/2008Humate,Feather Meal,Crab Meal
4529/3492009Pro Natural Dry 10-1-0 Yes 11/18/2008Feather Meal,Crab Meal,Molasses
4530/3492009Pro Natural Dry 7-5-7 Yes 11/18/2008Feather Meal,Fish Bone Meal,Alfalfa Meal
4553/3492008Lighthouse High N Bat Guano 10-3-1 Yes 6/11/2008Bat Guano
6483/3492006Foli-Gro Boron 10% No 2/27/2007 
5647/3492005Pro Natural Zinc No 9/23/2005 
5648/3492005ProNatural Copper No 9/23/2005 
5649/3492005ProNatural Iron No 9/23/2005 
5650/3492005ProNatural Manganese No 9/23/2005 
5651/3492005Foli-Gro Micro 336 No 9/23/2005 
5652/3492005ProNatural Boron No 9/23/2005 
5653/3492005Wil-Gro Proganic 8-2-4 Yes 9/23/2005Dried Poultry Waste,Feather Meal,Blood Meal,Bone Meal
5654/3492005Mora-Leaf Zinc 52% No 9/23/2005 
5655/3492005Foli-Gro Boron 10 No 9/23/2005 
5228/3492003Foli-Gro Zinc 7% No 4/21/2004 
5229/3492003ProNatural Copper No 4/21/2004 
5230/3492003ProNatural Iron No 4/21/2004 
5231/3492003ProNatural Manganese No 4/21/2004 
5232/3492003Foli-Gro Micro 336 No 4/21/2004 
5233/3492003ProNatural Boron No 4/21/2004 
5234/3492003Wil-Gro Proganic 8-2-4 Yes 4/21/2004Dried Poultry Waste,Blood Meal,Feather Meal,Sunflower Hull Ash
5235/3492003Mora-Leaf Zinc 52% No 4/21/2004 
5236/3492003Foli-Gro Boron 10 No 4/21/2004 
3715/3492002Foli-Gro Micro 336 No 11/5/2001 
3884/3492002Foli-Gro Micro Mix No 11/5/2001 
3198/3492002Foli-Gro Copper 5% No 11/5/2001 
3717/3492002Foli-Gro Micro Plus B No 11/5/2001 
6626/3492002Foli-Gro Manganese 5% No 11/5/2001 
6672/3492002Foli-Gro Zinc 7% No 11/5/2001 
6689/3492002Foli-Gro Iron 5% No 11/5/2001 
6673/3492000Foli-Gro Copper 5% No   
7804/3492015Foli-Gro Boron No  Boric Acid
3719/3492002Wil-Gro Proganic 8-2-4 Yes  Blood Meal,Feather Meal,Sunflower Hull Ash,Dehydrated Poultry Manure
3720/3492001Mora-Leaf Zinc 52% No   
3721/3492002Mora-Leaf Zinc 52% No   
3722/3492001Foli-Gro Boron 10 No   
3883/3492000Foli-Gro Micro Mix No   
3199/3492000Foli-Gro Iron 5% No   
3243/3492000Foli-Gro Manganese 5% No   
3252/3492000Foli-Gro Micro 336 No   
3185/3492000Foli-Gro Zinc 7% No   
3716/3492000Foli-Gro Micro Plus B No