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LidoChem, Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 396
Address 20 Village Court
Company LidoChem, Inc.
City Hazlet
State NJ
ZIP 07730
Country USA
Phone (732) 888-8000
Fax (732) 264-2751
First Name Nicole
Last Name Castelli
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
9024/3962020LidoQuest Fe 13 No 10/14/2020Iron Edta
9025/3962020LidoQuest Mn 13 No 10/14/2020Manganese Edta
8675/3962018Lidoquest Fe 13% No 11/6/2018Iron Edta
8567/3962018Lidoquest Mn 13% No 8/13/2018Manganese Edta
8072/3962016Lidoquest Fe 13% No 8/30/2016Iron Edta
8073/3962016Lidoquest Mn 13% No 8/30/2016Manganese Edta
7669/3962015Krystal Klear Turf Mix No 5/26/2015Copper Edta,Copper Ids,Iron Edta,Iron Ids,Manganese Edta,Manganese Ids,Zinc Edta,Zinc Ids
7670/3962015Krystal Klear Fe 4% Iron No 5/26/2015Iron Ids,Iron Edta
7588/3962014Krystal Klear Boron 5% No 10/1/2014Boric Acid
7589/3962014Krystal Klear Manganese 5% No 10/1/2014Manganese Eta,Manganese Ids
7590/3962014Krystal Klear Zinc No 10/1/2014Zinc Edta,Zinc Ids
7587/3962014Lidoquest Fe 13% No 9/30/2014Iron Edta
7218/3962013Lidoquest Zn 14% No 2/6/2013Zinc Edta
7217/3962013Lidoquest Fe 13% No 2/4/2013Iron Edta
6758/3962008Krystal Klear Crop Mix No 12/20/2010Copper Edta,Copper Ids,Manganese Edta,Manganese Ids,Zinc Edta,Zinc Ids,Boric Acid
6759/3962008Krystal Klear Cu IDS 5% Copper No 12/20/2010Copper Ids
3524/3962008Krystal Klear Fe 4% Iron No 12/20/2010Iron Ids,Iron Edta
3446/3962008Lidoquest Mn P No 12/17/2010Manganese Edta
3447/3962008Lidoquest Zn 14% No 12/17/2010Zinc Edta
3448/3962008Krystal Klear Boron 5% No 12/17/2010 
6664/3962008Lidoquest Fe 13% No 12/17/2010Iron Edta
6756/3962008Krystal Klear Manganese 5% No 12/17/2010Manganese Ids,Manganese Edta
6757/3962008Krystal Klear Zinc 9% No 12/17/2010Zinc Ids,Zinc Edta
3994/3962010Lidoquest Fe 13% No 9/3/2010Iron Edta
4186/3962009Kyrstal Klear Agra Mix II No 8/5/2010Copper Edta,Copper Ids,Manganese Edta,Manganese Ids,Zinc Edt,Zinc Ids,Boric Acid
4518/3962009Lidoquest Fe 13% No 11/18/2008 
4519/3962009Lidoquest Fe 13% No 11/18/2008Iron Edta
4520/3962009Lidoquest Mn 13% No 11/18/2008Manganese Edta
4521/3962009Lidoquest Zn 14% No 11/18/2008Zinc Edta
4522/3962009Krystal Klear Boron 5% No 11/18/2008Boric Acid
4523/3962009Krystal Klear Manganese 5% No 11/18/2008Manganese Ids,Manganese Edta
4524/3962009Krystal Klear Zinc 9% No 11/18/2008Zinc Ids,Zinc Edta
4525/3962009Krystal Klear Crop Mix No 11/18/2008Copper Edta,Copper Ids,Manganese Edta,Manganese Ids
4526/3962009Krystal Klear Cu IDS 5% Copper No 11/18/2008Copper Ids
4527/3962009Krystal Klear Fe No 11/18/2008Iron Ids,Iron Edta
6473/3962006Lidoquest Fe 13% No 2/22/2007 
6474/3962006Lidoquest Mn 13% No 2/22/2007 
6475/3962006Lidoquest Zn 14% No 2/22/2007 
6476/3962006Krystal Klear Boron 5% No 2/22/2007 
6477/3962006Krystal Klear Turf Mix No 2/22/2007 
6478/3962006Krystal Klear Manganese 5% No 2/22/2007 
6479/3962006Krystal Klear Zinc 9% No 2/22/2007 
6480/3962006Krystal Klear Crop Mix No 2/22/2007 
6481/3962006Krystal Klear Cu IDS 5% Copper No 2/22/2007 
6482/3962006Krystal Klear Fe No 2/22/2007 
5717/3962004Krystal Klear Boron 5% No 5/5/2005 
5718/3962004Krystal Klear Turf Mix No 5/5/2005 
5719/3962004Krystal Klear Manganese 5% No 5/5/2005 
5720/3962004Krystal Klear Zinc 9% No 5/5/2005 
5721/3962004Krystal Klear Crop Mix No 5/5/2005 
5722/3962004Krystal Klear Cu IDS 5% Copper No 5/5/2005 
5723/3962004Krystal Klear Fe No 5/5/2005 
5283/3962004Lidoquest Fe 13% No 6/29/2004 
5284/3962004Lidoquest Mn 13% No 6/29/2004 
5285/3962004Lidoquest Zn 14% No 6/29/2004 
4843/3962002LidoMix 197 No 10/28/2002 
4249/3962000Chelafarm Zn No 11/22/1999 
3586/3962000Chelafarm Mn No   
3732/3962000Lidoquest Fe 13% No   
3733/3962000Chelafarm Cu No   
3179/3962000Lidoquest Mn P No   
3180/3962000Lidoquest Zn 14% No   
3181/3962000Lidoquest Cu 15% No   
3182/3962001LidoMix 197 Yes