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Nutri Ag Ltd. details and products

CO_AG_ID 705
Address 39 Gail Grove
Company Nutri Ag Ltd.
City Toronto
State ON
Country Canada
Phone (416) 636-1555
Fax (416) 636-2681
First Name Mark
Last Name McMillan
Comments Formerly did business as Plaaskem International, Ltd.
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
9207/7052021Enviro Iron No 8/23/2021Ferrous Sulfate
9176/7052021FertiCare ManCoat No 8/6/2021Boric Acid,Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Molybdate
9173/7052021Enviro Trio No 7/26/2021Ferrous Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
9150/7052021ManMax No 7/16/2021Boric Acid,Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Molybdate
9151/7052021ZincMax No 7/16/2021Boric Acid,Zinc Oxide
9152/7052021ProBor-17 No 7/16/2021Boric Acid
9153/7052021FertiCare BoronCoat No 7/16/2021Boric Acid
9154/7052021FertiCare CuCoat No 7/16/2021Copper Carbonate
9155/7052021ZinManMax No 7/16/2021Boric Acid,Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Oxide
9156/7052021BoronMax No 7/16/2021Boric Acid
9157/7052021MangaMax No 7/16/2021Manganese Sulfate
9158/7052021PentaMax No 7/16/2021Boric Acid,Copper Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Oxide
9159/7052021FeMax No 7/16/2021Ferrous Sulfate
9160/7052021ProVine No 7/16/2021Boric Acid,Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Oxide
9161/7052021TrioMax No 7/16/2021Copper Sulfate,Managese Sulfate,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Oxide
9162/7052021EnviroBoron No 7/16/2021Boric Acid
9163/7052021EnviroManganese No 7/16/2021Manganese Sulfate
9164/7052021EnviroZinc No 7/16/2021Zinc Sulfate
9165/7052021EnviroCopper No 7/16/2021Copper Sulfate
9166/7052021FertiCare FeCoat No 7/16/2021Ferrous Sulfate
9167/7052021FertiCare ZincCoat No 7/16/2021Boric Acid,Zinc Oxide
8742/7052019Ferticare Fecoat 0-0-0 No 5/6/2019Ferrous Sulfate
8743/7052019Ferticare zinccoat 0-0-0 No 5/6/2019Boric Acid,Zinc Oxide
8744/7052019Ferticare Mancoat No 5/6/2019Boric Acid,Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Molybdate
8745/7052019Ferticare Boroncoat 0-0-0 No 5/6/2019Boric Acid
8746/7052019Ferticare Cucoat 0-0-0 No 5/6/2019Copper Carbonate
8682/7052018Ferticare Megacuat 0-0-0 No 11/26/2018Boric Acid,Copper Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Oxide
8645/7052018Enviro Iron No 9/25/2018Ferrous Sulfate
8620/7052018Enviro Copper Yes 8/22/2018Copper Sulfate
8396/7052018Enviro Boron No 1/19/2018Boric Acid
8397/7052018Enviro Zinc No 1/19/2018Zinc Sulfate
8364/7052017Enviro Manganese No 12/12/2017Manganese Sulfate
8318/7052017Manmax Liquid Fertilizer No 10/6/2017Borax,Manganese Oxide,Sodium Molybdate
8319/7052017Zinc Max Liquid & Zinc Fertilizer No 10/6/2017Borax,Zinc Oxide
8320/7052017Pro Bor 17 Columbia River Soluble Boric Acid No 10/6/2017Ortho Boric Acid
8321/7052017Cumax No 10/6/2017Copper Sulfate,Polyaldocarbonate
8322/7052017Sparybor Lite No 10/6/2017Boric Acid
8323/7052017Boron Max No 10/6/2017Boric Acid,Polyaldocabonate
8324/7052017Cumax Lite No 10/6/2017Copper Sulfate
8325/7052017Zinc Max Lite No 10/6/2017Sodium Borate,Zinc Sulfate
8326/7052017Manga Max No 10/6/2017Manganese Sulfate,Polyaldocarbonate
8327/7052017Penta Max No 10/6/2017Boric Acid,Copper Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Oxide
8328/7052017Manga Max Lite No 10/6/2017Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Borate
8329/7052017Zincman Max No 10/6/2017Boric Acid,Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Oxide
8330/7052017Fe Max No 10/6/2017Ferrous Sulfate,Polyaldocarbonate
8040/7052016Trio Mart No 5/18/2016Copper Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Oxide
7968/7052016Nurti Ag LTD No 3/24/2016Borax,Manganese Oxide,Sodium Molybdate
7969/7052016Zinc Max Liquid Zinc Fertilizer No 3/24/2016Zinc Oxide And Borax
7970/7052016Pro Bor 17 Columbia River Soluble Boric Acid No 3/24/2016Orthoboric Acid
7971/7052016Zinman Max No 3/24/2016Boric Acid,Manganese Sulphate,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Oxide
7972/7052016CuMax No 3/24/2016Copper Sulphate,Polyaldo Carbonate
7973/7052016Spraybar Lite No 3/24/2016Boric Acid
7974/7052016Boron Max No 3/24/2016Boric Acid And Polyaldocarbonate
7975/7052016CuMax Lite No 3/24/2016Copper Sulfate
7976/7052016Zinc Max Lite No 3/24/2016Zinc Sulphate And Sodium Borate
7977/7052016Manga Max No 3/24/2016Manganese Sulphate,Polyaldocarbosate
7978/7052016Penta Max No 3/24/2016Boric Acid,Copper Sulphate,Manganese Sulphate,Zinc Oxide
7979/7052016Manga Max Lite No 3/24/2016Manganese Sulphate And Sodium Borate
7980/7052016Fe Max No 3/24/2016Ferrous Sulphate And Polyaldocarbosate
7450/7052014Pro Mag-6 No 2/7/2014Boric Acid,Zinc Oxide
7348/7052013Zin Man Max No 8/13/2013Boric Acid,Manganese Sulphate,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Oxide
7060/7052012Manga Max Lite No 4/23/2012Manganese Sulphate,Sodium Borate
7062/7052012Fe Max No 4/23/2012Ferrous Sulphate,Polyaldocarbonate
7063/7052012Zinc Max Lite No 4/23/2012Zinc Sulphate,Sodium Borate
7064/7052012Manga Max No 4/23/2012Manganese Sulphate,Polyaldocarbonate
7065/7052012Penta Max No 4/23/2012Boric Acid,Copper Sulphate,Manganese Sulphate,Zinc Oxide
7036/7052012CuMax No 3/1/2012Copper Sulfate,Polyaldocarbonate
7039/7052012Sprayable Lite No 3/1/2012Boric Acid
7040/7052012Boron Max No 3/1/2012Boric Acid,Polyaldocarbonate
7041/7052012CuMax Lite No 3/1/2012Copper Sulfate
6908/7052011Manmax Liquid Fertilizer with 0.45% Boron & 5.5% Manganese No 10/11/2011Manganese Oxide,Sodium Molybdates,Borax
6938/7052011Spraybor Sodium Borate No 10/11/2011Sodium Borate
6939/7052011Zincmax Liquid Zinc Fertilizer No 10/11/2011Zinc Oxide,Borax
6940/7052011Pro Bor 17 Columbia River Soluble Boric Acid No 10/11/2011Orthoboric Acid
6941/7052011Spraybor Natural Sodium Borate No 10/11/2011Sodium Borate
6942/7052011Zinman Max No 10/11/2011Boric Acid,Manganese Sulphate,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Oxide
6907/7052011Pro Bor 8 Columbia River No 7/25/2011Boric Acid
5062/7052010Spraybor sodium borate No 6/8/2010Sodium Borate
5063/7052010Zinc Max liquid zinc fert. No 6/8/2010Zinc Oxide,Borax
5380/7052010Pro bor 17 Columbia River soluble boric acid No 6/8/2010Orthoboric Acid
5381/7052009Spraybor Natural Sodium Borate No 6/8/2010Sodium Borate
5382/7052010Man Max liquid fert. w/0.45% boron + 5.5% manganese No 6/8/2010Manganese Oxide,Sodium Borate,Borax
6535/7052007Man Max No 11/5/2007 
6538/7052007Spraybor No 11/5/2007 
6539/7052007Zinc Max No 11/5/2007 
6540/7052007Columbia River Pro Bor-17 No 11/5/2007 
6541/7052007Spraybor Natural No 11/5/2007 
5819/7052005Columbia River Pro Bor-17 No 8/19/2005 
5820/7052005Man Max No 8/19/2005 
5821/7052005Spraybor No 8/19/2005 
5822/7052005Spraybor Natural No 8/19/2005 
5823/7052005Zinc Max No 8/19/2005 
5500/7052004Spraybor Natural No 10/12/2004 
5087/7052003Man Max No 2/3/2004 
5088/7052003Columbia River Pro Bor-17 No 2/3/2004 
5089/7052003Spraybor No 2/3/2004 
5193/7052003Zinc Max No 2/3/2004 
3659/7052002Fe Max No 10/24/2001 
3661/7052002Man Max No 10/24/2001 
3665/7052002Zinc Max No 10/24/2001 
3667/7052002Columbia River Pro Bor-17 No 10/24/2001 
3658/7052000Fe Max No 3/16/2000 
3662/7052000Spraybor No 3/16/2000 
3660/7052000Man Max No 3/16/2000 
3664/7052000Zinc Max No 3/15/2000 
3666/7052001Columbia River Pro Bor-17 No   
3663/7052002Spraybor No