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Keg River Chemical Corp details and products

CO_AG_ID 835
Address 10350 21st Street
Company Keg River Chemical Corp
City Edmonton, Alberta
Country Canada
Phone (780)417-2463
Fax (780)416-0843
First Name Samantha
Last Name Zemlak
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
9130/8352020Keg85S Yes 6/9/2021Molten Sulfur/Elemental Sulfur
9131/8352020Keg River Organics Keg 85S Yes 6/9/2021Molten Sulfur/Elemental Sulfur
9132/8352020Keg90S Yes 6/9/2021Molten Sulfur/Elemental Sulfur
9133/8352020Keg River Organics Keg 90S Yes 6/9/2021Molten Sulfur/Elemental Sulfur
9028/8352020Supreme 85 Yes 10/14/2020Molten Sulfur
9029/8352020NutraSul 90 Yes 10/14/2020Molten Sulfur
9030/8352020NutraSul 90 Organic Yes 10/14/2020Molten Sulfur
9031/8352020Supreme 85 Organic Yes 10/14/2020Molten Sulfur
8482/8352018Supreme 84 Yes 7/10/2018Elemental Sulfur
8483/8352018Nutrasul 90 Organic Yes 7/10/2018Elemental Sulfur
8484/8352018Supreme 85 Organic Yes 7/10/2018Elemental Sulfur
8485/8352018NutraSul 90 Yes 7/10/2018Elemental Sulfur
8098/8352016Supreme 84 Yes 6/21/2016Elemental Sulfur
8099/8352016Nutrasul 90 Yes 6/21/2016Elemental Sulfur
8100/8352016Nutrasul 90 Organic Yes 6/21/2016Elemental Sulfur
8101/8352016Supreme 85 Organic Yes 6/21/2016Elemental Sulfur
7562/8352014Supreme 84 No 8/11/2014Elemental Sulfur
7563/8352014Nutrasol 90 No 8/11/2014Elemental Sulfur
7564/8352014Agtiva Supreme 83% Sulfur Fertilizer No 8/11/2014Elemental Sulfur
7565/8352014NutraSul 90 Organic No 8/11/2014Elemental Sulfur
7566/8352014Supreme 85 Organic No 8/11/2014Elemental Sulfur
7200/8352012Supreme 85 No 12/18/2012Elemental Sulfur
7201/8352012Nutrasul 90 No 12/18/2012Elemental Sulfur
7202/8352012Agtiva Supreme 83% Sulfur Fertilizer No 12/18/2012Elemental Sulfur
7203/8352012NurtaSul 90 Organic No 12/18/2012Elemental Sulfur
7204/8352012Supreme 85 Organic No 12/18/2012Elemental Sulfur