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California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 943
Address 7600 N. Ingram Ave., Suite 121
Company California Organic Fertilizers, Inc.
City Fresno
State CA
ZIP 93711
Country USA
Phone (559) 585-4705
Fax (559) 582-2011
First Name Tim
Last Name Stemwedel
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8978/9432020Phyta-Grow Big Red Yes 9/30/2020Blood Meal
8979/9432020Phyla-Grow Bone Meal Yes 9/30/2020Bone Meal
8449/9432018Phyta Grow Big Red 13-0-0 Yes 6/1/2018Blood Meal
8450/9432018Phyta Grow Citrus Avacado Mix 8-5-4 Yes 6/1/2018Compost,Meat & Bone Meal,Pot Ash,Seabird Guano
8451/9432018Phyta Gro Bone Meal Plus 4-14-0 Yes 6/1/2018Bone Meal,Meat & Bone Meal
8452/9432018Phyta Gro Guano Plus 11-5-2 Yes 6/1/2018Blood Meal,Feather Meal,Seabird Guano
8453/9432018Phyta Gro PrePlant Plus 7-5-7 Yes 6/1/2018Bone Meal,Feather Meal
8454/9432018Phyta Gro Salina Veggie Mix 8-4-4 Yes 6/1/2018Meat & Bone Meal
8455/9432018Phyta Gro Super N 13-0-0 Yes 6/1/2018Feather Meal
8456/9432018Phytamin 434 Yes 6/1/2018Fish Soluble,Seabird Guano
8457/9432018Phytamin Fish Gold 5-1-2 Yes 6/1/2018Fish Soluble
8458/9432018Phytamin Clear 4-0.3-1 Yes 6/1/2018Seabird Guano
8459/9432018Phytamin Fish Plus 4.5-2-1 Yes 6/1/2018Fish Soluble,Phosphoric Acid,Seabird Guano
8460/9432018Phytamin Fish Concentrate 4-2-0 Yes 6/1/2018Fish Soluble,Phosphoric Acid
7608/9432014Phyta Gro Super N 13-0-0 Yes 11/21/2014Feather Meal
7609/9432014Phytamin 434 Yes 11/21/2014Seabird Guano,Fish Soluble
7602/9432014Phyta Gro Guano Plus 11-5-2 Yes 11/14/2014Feather Meal,Blood Meal,Seabird Guano
7603/9432014Phyta Gro Ichabae Plus 11-10-3 Yes 11/11/2014Seabird Guano
7604/9432014Phyta Gro Pre Plant Plus 7-5-7 Yes 11/11/2014Feather Meal,Bone Meal
7600/9432014Phyta Gro Bone Meal Plus 4-14-0 Yes 11/11/2014Bone Meal,Meat and Bone Meal
7601/9432014Phyta Gro Citrus Avacado Mix 8-5-4 Yes 11/11/2014Meat and Bone Meal,Seabird Guano,Compost,Pot Ash
7225/9432013Phytamin Clear 4-0.3-1 Yes 2/4/2013Seabird Guano
7226/9432013Phya Grow Citrus Avacado Mix 8-5-4 Yes 2/4/2013Meat,Bone Meal,Seabird Guano,Compost,Pot Ash
7227/9432013Phytamin Fish Gold 5-1-2 Yes 2/4/2013Fish Soluble
7228/9432013Phyta Grow Big Red 13-0-0 Yes 2/4/2013Blood Meal
7215/9432013Phytamin Fish Concentrate 4-2-0 Yes 1/25/2013Fish Soluble,Phosphoric Acid
7216/9432013Phytamin Fish Plus 4.5-2-1 Yes 1/25/2013Seabird Guano,Fish Soluble,Phosphoric Acid
7196/9432013Phyta Gro Bone Meal Plus 4-14-0 Yes 1/11/2013Bone Meal,Meat/Bone Meal
7197/9432013Phyta Gro Pre Plant Plus 7-5-7 Yes 1/11/2013Feather Meal,Bone Meal
7198/9432013Phyta Gro Super N 13-0-0 Yes 1/11/2013Feather Meal
7199/9432013Phyta Gro Veggie Mix 8-5-1 Yes 1/11/2013Meat,Bone Meal
7180/9432012Phyta Grow Citrus Avacado Mix 8-5-4 Yes 12/31/2012Meat and Bone Meal,Seabird Guano,Compost,Pot Ash
7187/9432012Phyta Grow Citrus Avacado Mix 8-5-4 Yes 12/31/2012Meat and Bone Meal,Seabird Guano,Compost,Pot Ash
7188/9432012Phyta Grow Salina Veggie Mix 8-4-4 Yes 12/31/2012Meat and Bone Meal
7189/9432012Phyta Grow Guano Plus 11-5-2 Yes 12/31/2012Feather Meal,Blood Meal,Seabird Guano
7190/9432012Phyta Grow Ichabae Plus 11-10-3 Yes 12/31/2012Seabird Guano
7191/9432012Phytamin 434 Yes 12/31/2012Sunbird Guano,Fish Soluble
7192/9432012Phytamin 250 Yes 12/31/2012Bone Meal,Seabird Guano
5471/9432009Phyta Grow Red Guano 7-3.5-5 No 7/27/2010Seabird Guano
5472/9432009Phyta-Grow Citrus Avocado Mix w/ 1% Zinc 8-5-4 Yes 7/27/2010Meat,Bone Meal,Seabird Guano,Compost,Potash
5473/9432009Phyta grow Ichaboe Plus 11-10-3 Yes 7/27/2010Seabird Guano,Feather Meal
5009/9432009Phyta Grow Spring Mix 7-1.5-3.5 Yes 7/27/2010Plant Protein,Seabird Guano
5589/9432010Phyta grow Ichaboe Plus 11-10-3 Yes 6/29/2010Seabird Guano
5590/9432010Phyta-Grow Pre-Plant + Zinc 8-2-2 Yes 6/29/2010Feather Meal,Seabird Guano
5591/9432010Phyta-Grow Veggie-Mix Nitrate 9-4-1 Yes 6/29/2010Meat,Bone Meal
5592/9432010Phytamin 250 Yes 6/29/2010Seabird Guano,Bone Meal
5631/9432010Phyta-Green Natural and Organic Lawn Fert. 7-4-2 Yes 6/29/2010Feather Meal,Bone Meal
5632/9432010Phytamin Phyta MAX Yes 6/29/2010Feather Meal,Seabird Guano
4826/9432010Phyta gro Super "N" 13-0-0 Yes 6/29/2010Feather Meal
4827/9432010Phyta -Grow Salinas Veggie Mix 8-4-4 Yes 6/29/2010Meat,Bone Meal
4828/9432010Phyta-Grow Big Red 13-0-0 Yes 6/29/2010Blood Meal
4837/9432010Phyta-Grow Coastal Mix 9-1-7 Yes 6/29/2010Feather Meal,Meat,Bone Meal
4838/9432010Phyta-Grow Guano Plus 11-5-2 Yes 6/29/2010Feather Meal,Blood Meal,Seabird Guano
4839/9432010Phyta-Grow Guano Row Crop Mix 9-8-1 Yes 6/29/2010Meat,Bone Meal,Seabird Guano
4859/9432010Phytamin 434 Yes 6/29/2010Seabird Guano,Fish Soluble
4860/9432010Phytamin 531 Yes 6/29/2010Seabird Guano
4861/9432010Phytamin 801 Yes 6/29/2010Seabird Guano,Fish Soluble
4862/9432010Phytamin 522 Fish Yes 6/29/2010Fish Soluble
6228/9432010Phyta-Grow Citrus Avocado Mix w/ 1% Zinc 8-5-4 Yes 6/29/2010Meat,Bone Meal,Seabird Guano
5943/9432010Veggie Mix 8-5-1 Yes 6/22/2010Meat,Bone Meal
4816/9432010Phyta Grow Bone Meal Plus 4-14-0 Yes 6/22/2010Bone Meal,Meat,Bone Meal
4817/9432010Phyta Grow Pre-Plant 7-5-7 Yes 6/22/2010Feather Meal,Bone Meal
4533/9432007Phytamin 611 6-1-1 Yes 3/17/2008Feather Meal,Plant Protein
4692/9432007Phytamin 344 Yes 2/22/2008Meat,Bone Meal,Fish Soluble,Bone Meal
6484/9432006Phytamin Phyta-Max 6-2-0.5 Yes 3/28/2007Feather Meal,Seabird Guano
6463/9432006Phyta -Grow Salinas Veggie Mix 8-4-4 Yes 12/5/2006Feather Meal,Meat,Bone Meal
6464/9432006Phyta-Grow Big Red 12-0-0 Yes 12/5/2006Blood Meal
6426/9432006Phyta-Grow Citrus Avocado Mix w/ 1% Zinc 8-5-4 Yes 11/7/2006Meat,Bone Meal,Seabird Guano,Chicken Manure
6427/9432006Phyta-Grow Coastal Mix 9-1-7 Yes 11/7/2006Feather Meal,Meat,Bone Meal
6428/9432006Phyta-Grow Guano Mix #1 12-3-1 Yes 11/7/2006Feather Meal,Seabird Guano,Blood Meal
6429/9432006Phyta-Grow Guano Mix #2 10-5-1 Yes 11/7/2006Meat,Bone Meal,Seabird Guano,Blood Meal
6430/9432006Phyta-Grow Guano Mix #3 (Red) 13-6-1 Yes 11/7/2006Seabird Guano,Blood Meal
6431/9432006Phyta-Grow Guano Mix #4 9-7-4 Yes 11/7/2006Meat,Bone Meal,Seabird Guano
6432/9432006Phyta-Grow Guano Plus 11-5-2 Yes 11/7/2006Seabird Guano,Feather Meal,Fish Bone Meal
6437/9432006Phyta-Grow Guano Row Crop Mix 9-8-1 Yes 11/7/2006Seabird Guano,Meat,Bone Meal
6438/9432006Phyta-Grow Seabird Guano 11-10-3 Yes 11/7/2006Seabird Guano
6439/9432006Phyta-Grow Pre-Plant + Zinc 8-2-2 Yes 11/7/2006Feather Meal,Seabird Guano,Compost
6440/9432006Phyta-Grow Veggie-Mix Nitrate 9-4-1 Yes 11/7/2006Meat,Bone Meal
6441/9432006Phytamin 250 Yes 11/7/2006Seabird Guano,Bone Meal
6442/9432006Phytamin 434 Yes 11/7/2006Seabird Guano,Fish
6443/9432006Phytamin 531 Yes 11/7/2006Seabird Guano
6444/9432006Phytamin 801 Yes 11/7/2006Seabird Guano,Fish Soluble
6445/9432006Phytamin Fish Yes 11/7/2006Fish
6446/9432006Phyta-Green Natural and Organic Lawn Fert. 7-4-2 Yes 11/7/2006Feather Meal,Bone Meal
6447/9432006Phyta-Green Organic Turf and Horticulture Fert. 8-2-2 Yes 11/7/2006Feather Meal,Bone Meal
6075/9432006Bone Meal Plus 5-10-1 Yes 7/7/2006Bone Meal
6076/9432006Pre-Plant 7-5-7 Yes 7/7/2006Feather Meal,Bone Meal
6077/9432006Super "N" 12-0-0 Yes 7/7/2006Feather Meal
6078/9432006Veggie Mix 8-5-1 Yes 7/7/2006Meat,Bone Meal
5410/9432004Bone Meal Plus 5-10-1 Yes 8/12/2004Bone Meal
5411/9432004Pre-Plant 7-5-7 Yes 8/12/2004Feather Meal,Bone Meal
5412/9432004Super "N" 12-0-0 Yes 8/12/2004Feather Meal
5413/9432004Veggie Mix 8-5-1 Yes 8/12/2004Meat,Bone Meal
3587/9432001Veggie Mix 8-5-1 Yes 9/29/2000Meat,Bone Meal
3584/9432001Super "N" 12-0-0 Yes 9/29/2000Feather Meal
3582/9432001Pre-Plant 7-1-7 Yes 9/29/2000Bone Meal,Feather Meal
3583/9432000Super N 12-0-0 Yes  Feather Meal
3579/9432000Bone Meal Plus 5-10-1 Yes  Meat,Bone Meal
3580/9432001Bone Meal Plus 5-10-1 Yes  Bone Meal
3581/9432000Pre-Plant 7-1-7 Yes  Feather Meal
3585/9432000Veggie Mix 8-5-1 Yes  Meat,Bone Meal