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Tetra Micronutrients, Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 992
Address 230 Spring Hill Road, Ste. 310
Company Tetra Micronutrients, Inc.
City The Woodlands
State TX
ZIP 77386
Country USA
Phone (281) 419-9430
Fax (281) 292-9562
First Name Stan
Last Name Mickels
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
4183/9922010Tetra-Bor 15 Maxi Granular Boron No 8/5/2010Ulexite
4185/9922010Tetra-Bor 17 Commercial Grade Boric Acid No 8/5/2010Ulexite
5780/9922010Tetra - Bor 10 Boron Solution No 8/5/2010Boric Acid
4585/9922007Zink-Gro Maxi-Granular Yes 6/23/2008Galvanizing Slag
4586/9922007Tetra-Bor 15 No 6/23/2008Ulexite
4587/9922007Tetra-Bor 17 No 6/23/2008 
4593/9922008Pro - Zinc 10 Chelated Zinc Solution 8-0-0 No 6/23/2008Zinc Chloide,Citric Acid
4594/9922008Pro-Zinc 10+ Chelated Zinc Solution w/EDTA 9-0-0 No 6/23/2008Zinc Chloide,Citric Acid
4595/9922008Tetra - Bor 10 Boron Solution No 6/23/2008Commercial Grade Boric Acid
4596/9922008Zink - Gro 20 Liquid Zinc 16-0-0 No 6/23/2008Zinc Chloide,Anhydrous Ammonia
6646/9922007Super Tel Zn Yes 11/15/2007Galvanizing Slag
6647/9922007Zink-Gro Mini Granular Yes 11/15/2007Galvanizing Slag
6648/9922007Zink-Gro Powder Yes 11/15/2007Galvanizing Slag
6011/9922005Tetra-Bor 15 No 4/12/2006 
6012/9922005Tetra-Bor 17 No 4/12/2006 
5867/9922005Super Tel Zn Yes 9/2/2005Galvanizing Slag
5868/9922005Zink-Gro Mini Granular Yes 9/2/2005Galvanizing Slag
5869/9922005Zink-Gro Powder Yes 9/2/2005Galvanizing Slag
5870/9922005Zink-Gro Maxi-Granular Yes 9/2/2005Galvanizing Slag
5130/9922003Super Tel Zn Yes 10/8/2003Galvanizing Slag
5131/9922003Zink-Gro Mini Granular Yes 10/8/2003Galvanizing Slag
5132/9922003Zink-Gro Powder Yes 10/8/2003Galvanizing Slag
5133/9922003Zink-Gro Maxi-Granular Yes 10/8/2003Galvanizing Slag
3133/9922002Zink-Gro Powder Yes 10/5/2001Galvanizing Slag
3493/9922002Zink-Gro Mini Granular Yes 10/5/2001Galvanizing Slag
3494/9922000Zink-Gro Powder Yes  Galvanizing Slag
6740/9922002Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate Yes   
3490/9922000Super Tel Zn Yes  Galvanizing Slag
3491/9922002Super Tel Zn Yes  Galvanizing Slag
3492/9922000Zink-Gro Mini Granular Yes  Galvanizing Slag