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RNA Corporation details and products

CO_AG_ID 995
Address PO Box 210
Company RNA Corporation
City San Joaquin
State CA
ZIP 93660
Country USA
Phone (559) 693-4520
Fax (559) 693-4544
First Name Carrie
Last Name Tuttle
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
7301/9952013RNA 10% Boron No 7/19/2013 
6849/9952011RNA EDTA 5% Iron Fully Chelated Solution No 8/18/2011Iron Edta
6850/9952011RNA EDTA 9% Zinc Fully Chelated Solution No 8/18/2011Zinc Edta
6851/9952011RNA Flowzin No 8/18/2011Zinc Oxide
6852/9952011RNA 10% Boron Solution a Liquid Water Soluble Boron Yes 8/18/2011Boric Acid
3774/9952009RNA EDTA 5% Manganese Fully Chelated Solution No 8/11/2010Mn Edta
4608/9952008RNA Flowzin No 6/23/2008Zinc Oxide
4717/9952007RNA EDTA 5% Iron No 3/17/2008 
4718/9952007RNA EDTA 9% Zinc No 3/17/2008 
4719/9952007RNA 10% Boron Solution No 3/17/2008 
4720/9952007RNA EDTA 5% Manganese No 3/17/2008 
4535/9952007RNA EDTA 5% Copper No 3/17/2008 
6003/9952005RNA EDTA 5% Manganese No 3/7/2006 
5897/9952005RNA EDTA 5% Copper No 9/23/2005 
5898/9952005RNA EDTA 5% Iron No 9/23/2005 
5899/9952005RNA EDTA 9% Zinc No 9/23/2005 
5900/9952005RNA Flowzin No 9/23/2005 
5901/9952005RNA 10% Boron Solution No 9/23/2005 
5155/9952003RNA 10% Boron Solution No 10/22/2003 
5156/9952003RNA EDTA 5% Copper No 10/22/2003 
5157/9952003RNA EDTA 5% Iron No 10/22/2003 
5158/9952003RNA EDTA 9% Zinc No 10/22/2003 
5159/9952003RNA Flowzin No 10/22/2003 
5160/9952003RNA Microsol B No 10/22/2003 
3212/9952001RNA EDTA 9% Zinc No 5/6/2002 
3213/9952001RNA Flowzin No   
3214/9952001RNA Microsol B No   
3210/9952001RNA EDTA 5% Copper No   
3211/9952001RNA EDTA 5% Iron No   
6715/9952001RNA 10% Boron Solution No   
6830/9952011RNA EDTA 5% Copper Fully Chelated Solution No  Copper Edta