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Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp. details and products

CO_AG_ID 1009
Address P.O. Box 820
Company Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp.
City Suffolk
State VA
ZIP 23439-0820
Country USA
Phone (757) 538-5243
Fax (757) 538-5048
First Name Dr. Frances
Last Name Knight
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
4362/10092009Chaufer Iron Chelate No 7/9/2009Iron Eddha
4454/10092008Librel Fe-DP Iron Chelate No 8/18/2008Iron Dtpa
4455/10092008Librel RMX8 Agglomerted No 8/18/2008Copper Edta,Iron Edta,Manganese Edta,Zinc Edta
4456/10092008Libfer SP NA Iron Chelate No 8/18/2008Iron Eddha
4632/10092008Librel Fe-Lo Iron Chelate No 8/18/2008Iron Edta
4633/10092008Librel Mn Manganese Chelate No 8/18/2008Manganese Edta
4634/10092008Librel Zn Zinc Chelate No 8/18/2008Zinc Edta
4631/10092008Librel Cu Copper Chelate No 8/15/2008Copper Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic
6161/10092006Librel Cu Copper Chelate No 8/22/2006 
6162/10092006Librel Fe-Lo Iron Chelate No 8/22/2006 
6163/10092006Librel Mn Manganese Chelate No 8/22/2006 
6164/10092006Librel Zn Zinc Chelate No 8/22/2006 
6165/10092006Librel Fe-DP Iron Chelate No 8/22/2006 
6166/10092006Librel RMX8 Agglomerted No 8/22/2006 
6167/10092006Libfer SP NA Iron Chelate No 8/22/2006 
5426/10092004Librel Fe-DP Iron Chelate No 9/3/2004 
5427/10092004Librel RMX8 Agglomerted No 9/3/2004 
5428/10092004Libfer SP NA Iron Chelate No 9/3/2004 
5429/10092004Librel Cu Copper Chelate No 9/3/2004 
5430/10092004Librel Fe-Lo Iron Chelate No 9/3/2004 
5431/10092004Librel Mn Manganese Chelate No 9/3/2004 
5432/10092004Librel Zn Zinc Chelate No 9/3/2004 
4921/10092002Librel Fe-Lo Iron Chelate No 4/4/2003 
4922/10092002Librel Mn Manganese Chelate No 4/4/2003 
4923/10092002Librel Zn Zinc Chelate No 4/4/2003 
4920/10092002Librel Cu Copper Chelate No   
3496/10092001Librel Cu Copper Chelate No   
3497/10092001Librel Fe-Lo Iron Chelate No   
3498/10092001Librel Mn Manganese Chelate No   
3499/10092001Librel Zn Zinc Chelate No