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Bio Scientific, Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 1092
Address 4405 S. Litchfield Rd.
Company Bio Scientific, Inc.
City Avondale
State AZ
ZIP 85323
Country USA
Phone (623) 932-4588
Fax (623) 925-0506
First Name David
Last Name Iwinski
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8315/10922017EZ Compost Agriculture Mineral 0.05-0-4 Yes 10/5/2017Chicken Manure
7723/10922015EZ Compost Agriculture Mineral .05-0-4 Yes 7/15/2015Chicken Manure
7724/10922015Nutra Celerater Yes 7/15/2015Feather Meal,Shrimp Meal
7327/10922013EZ Compost Agricultural Mineral .05-0-4 Yes 8/5/2013N/A
7328/10922013Guano Plus Agricultural Mineral .05-0-.4 Yes 8/5/2013N/A
7329/10922013Nutriboost - WP 13-0-0 Yes 8/5/2013N/A
7330/10922013Nutra Celerator Yes 8/5/2013N/A
6923/10922011EZ Compost Agricultural Mineral 0.05-0-0.4 Yes 10/19/2011Chicken Manure
6924/10922011Guano Plus Agricultural Mineral 0.05-0-0.4 Yes 10/17/2011Chicken Compost
6925/10922011Nitriboost WP 13-0-0 Yes 10/17/2011Blood Meal,Feather Meal
6926/10922011Nutra Celerater Yes 10/17/2011Feather Meal,Shrimp Meal
5350/10922010EZ Compost Yes 6/8/2010Chicken Manure
5351/10922010Guano Plus Yes 6/8/2010 
5052/10922010NitriBoost-WP 13-0-0 Yes 6/8/2010Blood Meal,Feather Meal
5053/10922010Nutra-Celerator Yes 6/8/2010Feather Meal,Shrimp Meal
4554/10922008EZ Compost Yes 6/11/2008Chicken Compost
4555/10922008Guano Plus Yes 6/11/2008Chicken Compost
4556/10922008NitriBoost-WP Yes 6/11/2008Blood Meal,Feather Meal
4557/10922008NitriBoost-HA 4-0-1 Yes 6/11/2008Feather Meal
4559/10922008Nutra-Celerator Yes 6/11/2008Feather Meal,Shrimp Meal
6022/10922005Nutra-Celerator Yes 4/14/2006Feather Meal,Shrimp Meal
5918/10922005Nitrizyme 6-1-0 Yes 11/9/2005Fish Meal,Blood Meal
5919/10922005EZ Compost Yes 11/9/2005Chicken Compost
5920/10922005Guano Plus Yes 11/9/2005Chicken Compost
5921/10922005NitriBoost-WP Yes 11/9/2005Animal Blood,Feather Meal
5922/10922005NitriBoost-HA 4-0-1 Yes 11/9/2005Feather Meal
5700/10922004EZ Compost Yes 4/20/2005Chicken Compost
5701/10922004Guano Plus Yes 4/20/2005Chicken Compost
5242/10922004Nitrizyme 6-1-0 Yes 6/11/2004Fish Meal,Blood Meal