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CO_AG_ID 1168
Address P.O. Box 3442
Company OGM
City Chico
State CA
ZIP 95927-3442
Country USA
Phone (530) 892-9865
Fax (530) 895-9171
First Name Thom
Last Name Shelsky
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8091/11682016Earth Juice Volcano Bat 0-6-0 Yes 8/19/2016Bat Guano
8092/11682016Earth Juice Bat Guano 5-2-1 Yes 8/19/2016Bat Guano
7852/11682015Guano Grow Crazy 5-1-1 Yes 10/9/2015Bat Guano
7853/11682015Guano Bloom Crazy 0-5-0 Yes 10/9/2015Bat Guano
7850/11682015Earth Juice Primal Harvest 0-11-0 Yes 6/30/2015Marine Bird Fossilized Guano
7851/11682015Earth Juice Solution Guano 0-8-0 Yes 6/30/2015Marine Bird Fossilized Guano
7598/11682014Earth Juice Volcano Bat 0-6-0 Yes 11/14/2014Bat Guano
7599/11682014Earth Juice Bat Guano 5-2-1 Yes 11/14/2014Bat Guano
6108/11682006Rainbow Mix Grow 5-5-2 Yes 7/25/2006Bat Guano,Feather Meal
6109/11682006Earth Juice Bloom Yes 7/25/2006Bat Guano,Seabird Guano,Bone Meal
6110/11682006Earth Juice Grow 2-1-1 Yes 7/25/2006Bat Guano,Feather Meal,Blood Meal,Bone Meal
6111/11682006Earth Juice Microblast No 7/25/2006 
6117/11682006Ancient Organics Primal Harvest 0-12-1 Yes 7/25/2006Seabird Guano
6118/11682006Rainbow Mix Bloom 1-9-2 Yes 7/25/2006Bat Guano,Bone Meal,Feather Meal
5491/11682004Rainbow Mix Grow 5-5-2 Yes 10/6/2004Bat Guano,Feather Meal
5492/11682004Earth Juice Bloom Yes 10/6/2004Bat Guano,Seabird Guano,Bone Meal
5493/11682004Earth Juice Grow 2-1-1 Yes 10/6/2004Bat Guano,Feather Meal,Blood Meal,Bone Meal
5494/11682004Earth Juice Microblast No 10/6/2004 
5495/11682004Ancient Organics Primal Harvest 0-12-1 Yes 10/6/2004Seabird Guano
5496/11682004Rainbow Mix Bloom 1-9-2 Yes 10/6/2004Bat Guano,Bone Meal,Feather Meal
5070/11682003Rainbow Mix Bloom 1-9-2 Yes 11/25/2003Bat Guano,Bone Meal,Feather Meal
3401/11682001Rainbow Mix Grow 5-5-2 Yes  Bat Guano,Feather Meal
3402/11682001Earth Juice Bloom Yes  Bone Meal,Seabird Guano,Bat Guano
3403/11682001Earth Juice Grow 2-1-1 Yes  Bone Meal,Blood Meal,Bat Guano,Feather Meal
3404/11682001Earth Juice Microblast No   
4730/11682002Ancient Organics Primal Harvest 0-12-1 Yes  Seabird Guano