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Wolf Trax, Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 1275
Address Suite 501 -- 5 Donald St.
Company Wolf Trax, Inc.
City Winnipeg
State CA
Country Canada
Phone (204) 237-9653
Fax (204) 256-4493
First Name Mark
Last Name Goodwin
Comments This company was formerly EKG Solutions, Inc. and before that March Agricultural, Ltd.
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
7031/12752012Wolftrax Foliar 62% Zn No 2/23/2012No Totals Provided
7032/12752012Wolftrax Foliar 33% Manganese No 2/23/2012No Totals Provided
7033/12752012Wolftrax Foliar 18.5% Boron No 2/23/2012Boric Acid,Sodium Borate,Potassium Tetraborate Tetrahydrate
7034/12752012Wolftrax Foliar 57.5% Copper No 2/23/2012Copper Sulfate,Copper Oxide
7035/12752012Wolftrax 47% Iron No 2/23/2012Ferrous Sulfate and Iron Oxide
3416/12752010Wolftrax Turfmix DDP No 11/3/2010Ferrous Sulfate,Iron Oxide,Manganese Chloride,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate,Zinc Oxide
4086/12752010Wolftrax Foliar 18.5% Boron No 8/5/2010Boric Acid,Sodium Borate,Potassium Tetraborate
4087/12752010Wolftrax Foliar 57.5% Copper No 8/5/2010Copper Sulfate,Copper Oxide
4088/12752010Wolf Trax 47% Iron No 8/5/2010Ferrous Sulfate,Iron Oxide
4089/12752009Protinus No 8/5/2010Ferrous Sulfate,Iron Oxide,Manganese Chloride,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate,Zinc Oxide
5966/12752010Wolftrax cropmix DDP No 8/5/2010Boric Acid,Sodium Borate,Copper Sulfate,Potassium Tetraborate Tetrahydrate,Zinc Oxide,Zinc Sulfate
5564/12752011Wolftrax Foliar 62% Zinc No 8/5/2010Zinc Sulfate,Zinc Oxide
5565/12752010Wolftrax Foliar 33% Manganese No 8/5/2010Manganese Chloride,Manganese Sulfate
4536/12752007Wolf Trax 47% Iron No 3/17/2008 
4537/12752007Wolftrax Foliar 18.5% Boron No 3/17/2008 
4538/12752007Wolftrax Foliar 33% Manganese No 3/17/2008 
4542/12752007Wolftrax Foliar 57.5% Copper No 3/17/2008 
4543/12752007Wolftrax Foliar 62% Zinc No 3/17/2008 
5770/12752005Wolftrax Foliar 62% Zinc No 7/15/2005 
5771/12752005Wolftrax Foliar 33% Manganese No 7/15/2005 
5772/12752005Wolftrax Foliar 18.5% Boron No 7/15/2005 
5773/12752005Wolftrax Foliar 57.5% Copper No 7/15/2005 
5774/12752005Wolftrax Foliar Zinc 10-G No 7/15/2005 
5775/12752005Wolf Trax 47% Iron No 7/15/2005 
5196/12752003Wolftrax Foliar 62% Zinc No 3/1/2004 
5197/12752003Wolftrax Foliar 33% Manganese No 3/1/2004 
5198/12752003Wolftrax Foliar 18.5% Boron No 3/1/2004 
5199/12752003Wolftrax Foliar 57.5% Copper No 3/1/2004 
5200/12752003Wolftrax Foliar Zinc 10-G No 3/1/2004 
4936/12752003Wolf Trax 47% Iron No 7/11/2003 
3187/12752001Wolftrax Zinc 10-G No   
3188/12752001Wolftrax Copper 10-G No   
3189/12752001Wolftrax Foliar 62% Zinc No   
3190/12752001Wolftrax Foliar 33% Manganese No   
3191/12752001Wolftrax Foliar 18.5% Boron No   
3192/12752001Wolftrax Foliar 57.5 % Copper No