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Brandt Conslidated Inc. c/o Lynne Zahigi details and products

CO_AG_ID 1444
Address PO Box 1566
Company Brandt Conslidated Inc. c/o Lynne Zahigi
City Fallon
State NV
ZIP 89407
Country USA
Phone (775) 423-9122
Fax (775) 423-9128
First Name Lynne
Last Name Zahigian
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
9037/14442020Brandt Sequestar 4.5% Fe EDTA No 1/19/2021Iron Edta
9038/14442020Brandt Sequestar 7.5% Cu No 11/16/2020Copper Edta
9039/14442020Brandt Sequestar 5% Mn No 11/16/2020Manganese Edta
9040/14442020Brandt Smart B No 11/16/2020Boric Acid,Sodium Molybdate
9041/14442020Brandt Smart B-Mo No 11/16/2020Boric Acid
9042/14442020Brand Sequestar 9% Zn No 11/16/2020Zinc Edta
8981/14442020Brandt Sequestar 14% Zn No 11/16/2020Zinc Edta
9033/14442020Brandt Sequestar 13.2% Fe No 11/16/2020Iron Sodium Edta
9034/14442020Brandt Sequestar 13% Mn No 11/16/2020Manganese Edta
9035/14442020Brandt Sequestar 14% Cu No 11/16/2020Copper Edta
9036/14442020Brandt Sequestar 6% Fe EDDHA No 11/16/2020Feric Eddha
9043/14442020Brandt Organiplex 6% Zinc No 6/25/2020Zinc
9044/14442020Brandt Organiplex Micro Mix No 6/18/2020Iron ,Manganese,Zinc
8939/14442019Brandt Organics 3% B No 6/11/2020Sodium Borate - Solubor
8913/14442019Brandt EnzUp Zn No 11/8/2019Zinc Edta
8739/14442019Brandt Sequestar 9% Zn No 4/8/2019Zinc Edta
8648/14442018Brandt Sodium Molybdate Powder No 9/19/2018Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate
8590/14442018Brandt Sequestar 13.2% fe No 8/14/2018Fe Edta
8591/14442018Brandt Sequestar 13% Mn No 8/14/2018Mn Edta
8592/14442018Brandt Sequestar 14% Zn No 8/14/2018Zn Edta
8593/14442018Brandt Sequestar 14% Cu No 8/14/2018Cu Edta
8594/14442018Brandt Sequestar 6% Fe EDDHA No 8/14/2018Fe Eddha
8595/14442018Brandt Sequestar 4.5% Fe EDTA No 8/14/2018Iron Edta
8596/14442018Brandt Sequestar 7.5 Cu No 8/14/2018Copper Edta
8597/14442018Brandt Sequestar 5% Mn No 8/14/2018Manganese
8598/14442018Brandt Sequestar 9% Zn No 8/14/2018Zinc Edta
8599/14442018Brandt Sequestar 7% Fe DTPA No 8/14/2018Iron Dtpa
8600/14442018Brandt Smart B No 8/14/2018Boric Acid
8601/14442018Brandt Smart B-Mo No 8/14/2018Boric Acid,Sodium Molybdate
8103/14442016Brandt Smart B No 8/30/2016Boric Acid
8104/14442016Brandt Smart B-Mo No 8/30/2016Boric Acid,Sodium Molybdate
8060/14442016Brandt Sequestar 7% Fe DTPA No 6/14/2016Iron Dtpa
7809/14442015Brandt Sequestar 13.2% fe No 11/12/2015Fe Edta
7810/14442015Brandt Sequestar 13% Mn No 11/12/2015Mn Edta
7811/14442015Brandt Sequestar 14% Zn No 11/12/2015Zn Edta
7812/14442015Brandt Sequestar 14% Cu No 11/12/2015Cu Etda
7813/14442015Brandt Sequestar 6% Fe EDDHA No 11/12/2015Fe Eddha
7830/14442015Brandt Sequestar 7.5 Cu No 11/10/2015Iron Edta
7831/14442015Brandt Sequestar 7.5 Cu No 11/10/2015Copper Edta
7832/14442015Brandt Sequestar 5% Mn No 11/10/2015Manganese Edta
7833/14442015Brandt Sequestar No 11/10/2015Zinc Edta
7638/14442015Brandt Liquid Boron 9% No 3/3/2015Boron Ethanolamine
4098/14442009ManniFlex for Alfalfa Foliar Micronutrient Supplement No 8/5/2010Sodium Borate,Iron Nitrate,Manganese Nitrate,Zinc Nitrate,Copper Nitrate
4099/14442009Brandt EDTA Zinc Chelated Trace Elements No 8/5/2010Zinc Edta
4100/14442009Brandt EDTA Manganese Chelated Trace Elements No 8/5/2010 
9214/14442020Brandt Enzup Mn Yes  Manganese Edta