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Pacific Gro, LLC details and products

CO_AG_ID 1696
Address 430 1st Street #212
Company Pacific Gro, LLC
City Raymond
State WA
ZIP 98577
County Pacific
Country USA
Phone (360) 624-7769
Fax (360) 942-2651
First Name James
Last Name Brackins
Comments A.K.A Micro Marine LLC #1696 Address: 1725 Ocean View Bldg. #6 Raymond, WA 98577; but company new name is now Pacific Gro LLC. We can not have 2 companies with the same # (i.e. #1696)
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
7649/16962015Liquid Oceanic Fertilizer Yes 4/14/2015Seafood Waste
7448/16962014Pacific Gro Standard 2-.5-.3 Yes 1/7/2014Acidulated Fish Scrap,Waste
6900/16962011Pacific Gro Standard 2-.5-.3 Yes 10/11/2011Acidulated Fish Scrap/Waste
6901/16962011Dry Fish Fertilizer 4-1-1 Yes 10/11/2011Acidulated Fish Tankage,Fish Hydrolysate
6902/16962011Amazing Organic Fertilizer Spikes 4-2-1 Yes 10/11/2011Fish Tankage,Fish Meal,Fish Scrap,Humic,Mycorrhizae,Kelp
6903/16962011Amazing Organic Fertilizer 4-2-1 Yes 10/11/2011Fish Tankage,Fish Meal,Fish Scrap
6904/16962011Amazing Organic Dry Fertilizer Yes 10/11/2011Fish Tankage,Fish Meal,Fish Scrap,Humic,Mycorrhizae,Kelp
4663/16962007Pacific Gro Liquid Feather Fertilizer 10-2-2 Yes 1/7/2008Acidulated Poultry Feathers
4664/16962007Pacific Gro Dry Fish Fertilizer 10-2-2 No 1/7/2008Acidulated Fish Tankage,Fish Hydrolysate
4665/16962007Pacific Gro 5-1-1 Yes 1/7/2008Acidulated Fish Waste,Organic Soy Waste
5960/16962005Pacific Gro Stick Water Yes 12/22/2005Fish Tankage