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Blackjack Soil Co. details and products

CO_AG_ID 1760
Address 9220 SE Stark St.
Company Blackjack Soil Co.
City Portland
State OR
ZIP 97216
Country USA
Phone (503) 256-2400
Fax (503) 256-2402
First Name Gordon
Last Name Redman
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
4373/17602009Blackjack Gigantamo Grow 5-5-1 Yes 9/8/2009Feather Meal,Bone Meal,Bat Guano
4374/17602009Blackjack Gigantamo Bloom 3-10-0.5 Yes 9/8/2009Bone Meal,Blood Meal,Fish Meal
4375/17602009Running Start 0-6-0 Yes 9/8/2009Bone Meal,Soy,Extract Of Humic Acid
4578/17602008Blackjack Gigantamo Grow 5-5-1 Yes 6/23/2008Feather Meal,Bat Guano,Fish Meal,Seabird Guano,Bone Meal,Blood Meal
4579/17602008Blackjack Gigantamo Bloom 3-10-0.5 Yes 6/23/2008Fish Meal,Blood Meal,Bone Meal
4683/17602007Running Start 0-6-0 Yes 2/4/2008Soy,Bone Meal,Extract Of Humic Acid,Extract Of Seaweed
6299/17602006Blackjack Gigantamo Grow 5-5-1 Yes 1/5/2007Fish Meal,Seabird Guano,Blood Meal,Bone Meal,Feather Meal,Bat Guano
6300/17602006Blackjack Gigantamo Bloom 3-10-0.5 Yes 1/5/2007Bat Guano,Fish Meal,Blood Meal,Bone Meal,Feather Meal,Seabird Guano