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Scarlet Tangaer LLC details and products

CO_AG_ID 1800
Address 5428 Schenley Place
Company Scarlet Tangaer LLC
City Greendale
State IN
ZIP 47025
Country USA
Phone (812) 537-8665
Fax (812) 537-8660
First Name Chris
Last Name Whitaker
Comments (812) 537-8665 ext.2236
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
4567/18002007Garden Solutions All Natural Tomato Food 6-2-2 Yes 6/11/2008Bone Meal,Blood Meal,Dried Molasses
4568/18002007G.S.A.N. Potato Food 3-4-3 Yes 6/11/2008Alfalfa Meal,Bone Meal,Kelp Meal
4569/18002007G.S.A.N. Sweet Corn Food 6-3-3 Yes 6/11/2008Bone Meal,Corn Glutten Meal,Kelp Meal
4570/18002007G.S.A.N. Asparagus Food 3-2-2 Yes 6/11/2008Bone Meal,Blood Meal,Pulverized Limestone,Kelp Meal
4571/18002007G.S.A.N. Plant Food 4-3-1 Yes 6/11/2008Bone Meal,Blood Meal,Pulverized Limestone
4572/18002007G.S.A.N. Fruit Tree Starter Food 2-1-2 Yes 6/11/2008Alfalfa Meal,Bone Meal,Kelp Meal
4573/18002007G.S.A.N. Fruit Tree Maintenance Food 2-1-2 Yes 6/11/2008Alfalfa Meal,Bone Meal,Dried Grain
4574/18002007G.S.A.N. Foliar Food 3-2-2 Yes 6/11/2008Fish Soluble,Kelp Meal
4575/18002007G.S.A.N. Blueberry Food 4-3-4 Yes 6/11/2008Bone Meal,Kelp Meal,Blood Meal,Cottonseed Meal
4576/18002007G.S.A.N. Strawberry Food 8-2-4 Yes 6/11/2008Sunflower Ash,Corn Glutten Meal,Bone Meal