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KWS Distributing, LLC. details and products

CO_AG_ID 1866
Address 3760 Market St. NE, Ste 351
Company KWS Distributing, LLC.
City Salem
State OR
ZIP 98301
Country USA
Phone (503) 559-6972
Fax (503) 868-7617
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8890/18662019Boron 10% No 9/26/2019Boric Acid
8891/18662019Cu Ace 10FL No 9/26/2019Copper Acetate
8892/18662019Zn Ace 8% Zinc No 9/26/2019Zinc Acetate
8893/18662019Mn Ace Yes 9/26/2019Manganese Acetate
8894/18662019Organic Zinc 8 No 9/26/2019Zinc Oxide
8282/18662017Cu Ace 10 FL Yes 9/12/2017Copper Acetate
8270/18662017Organic Zinc 8 No 8/11/2017Zinc Oxide
8161/18662017Zn Ace 8% Zinc Yes 2/6/2017Zinc Acetate
8162/18662017Mn Ace Yes 2/6/2017Manganese Acetate
7940/18662016Boron 10% No 1/25/2016Boric Acid
7666/18662015CU Ace 10FL Yes 5/21/2015Copper Acetate
7278/18662013Boron 10% No 6/24/2013Bone Acid
7284/18662013Boron 10% No 6/24/2013Boric Acid
7235/186620135% Copper Acetate No 2/12/2013Copper Acetate
7236/18662013Iron Acetate No 2/12/2013Iron Acetate
7237/186620138% Zinc Acetate No 2/12/2013Zinc Acetate
7239/18662013Manganese Acetate No 2/12/2013Manganese Acetate