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HydroGro LLC details and products

CO_AG_ID 1909
Address 7201 E Camelback Rd
Company HydroGro LLC
City Scottsdale
State AZ
ZIP 85251
Country USA
Phone (480)248-9337
Fax (480)248-9337
First Name Todd
Last Name Nelson
Comments *No signature on AG registration form
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8916/19092019EDTA Zn 9% 0-0-0 No 12/20/2019Zn Edta
8853/19092019AgroFuze Zn No 7/30/2019Zinc Oxide
8274/19092017AgroFuze Zn No 8/16/2017Zinc Oxide
8275/19092017Crysta Bor No 8/16/2017Boric Acid
7937/19092016Crysta Bor No 1/20/2016Boric Acid
7938/19092016Carbol Multi Trace No 1/20/2016Boric Acid,Copper Oxychloride,Ferric Oxide,Manganese Carbonate,Sodium Molybdate,Zinc Amino Acid
7939/19092016Carbol Zinc No 1/20/2016Zinc Amino Acid
7668/19092015Agrofuze Zinc 0-0-0 No 5/21/2015Zinc Oxide
7427/19092013Carbol Multi-Trace No 10/16/2013Zinc Amino Acid Complex,Ferric Oxide,Copper Oxy Chloride,Manganese Carbonate,Boric Acid,Sodium Molybdate
7428/19092013Carbol Zinc No 10/16/2013Zinc Amino Acid Complex
7268/19092013Crysta Mol No 4/17/2013Sodium Molybdate
7240/19092013Crysta Bor No 2/13/2013Boric Acid
8854/19092019Crystal Bor No  Boric Acid