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FB Sciences Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 2075
Address 153 North Main STE 100
Company FB Sciences Inc.
City Collierville
State TN
ZIP 38017
Country USA
Phone (901) 221-1200
Fax (901) 221-1201
First Name Cynthia
Last Name Peck
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8906/20752019Transit Foliar No 10/28/2019Zinc Edta
8907/20752018Organic Transit Soil No 10/28/2019Zignosulfonate,Zinc Sulfate
8391/20752018Boron Boost Foliar No 1/26/2018Boric Acid
8392/20752018Transit Soil No 1/26/2018Zinc Edta
8393/20752018Pro Transit Foliar 500 No 1/26/2018Zinc Edta
8394/20752018Pro Transit Soil 500 (Totes & Bulk only) No 1/26/2018Zinc Edta
8365/20752017Organic Transit Soil No 12/15/2017Lignosulfonate,Zinc Sulfate
8226/20752017Drip Transit No 7/25/2017Zinc Sulfate
8227/20752017Transit EVO No 7/25/2017Zinc Edta
8228/20752017Pro Transit 500 No 7/25/2017Zinc Edta
8184/20752017Transit Foliar No 5/30/2017Zinc Edta
7807/20752015Transit Soil No 10/29/2015Zinc Edta
7808/20752015Drip Transit No 10/29/2015Zinc Sulfate
7781/20752015Pro Transit 500 Yes 10/29/2015Zinc Edta
7806/20752015Boron Booost F No 10/13/2015Boric Acid
7456/20752014Transit EVO No 1/27/2014Zinc Edta
7362/20752013Boron Boost F No 8/21/2013Boric Acid
7363/20752013Kate F No 8/21/2013Zinc Edta
7364/20752013Transit Soil No 8/21/2013Zinc Edta
7365/20752013Lucros F No 8/21/2013Boric Acid
7331/20752013Drip Transit No 8/6/2013Zinc Sulfate
7002/20752011Boron Boost F No 12/20/2011Boric Acid
7004/20752011Carbon Boost S No 12/20/2011Zinc Edta
7005/20752011Kafe F No 12/20/2011Zinc Edta
7006/20752011Transit Soil No 12/20/2011Zinc Edta
7007/20752011Lucros F No 12/20/2011Boric Acid