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BASF corporation details and products

CO_AG_ID 2124
Address 2371 Wilroy Road
Company BASF corporation
City Suffolk
State VA
ZIP 23434
County Independent City
Country USA
Phone (757) 538-5240
Fax (757) 538-5140
First Name Amy
Last Name Perkins
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
4879/21242010Librel Fe Dp iron chelate No 7/6/2010 
4880/21242010Librel Mn manganese chelate No 7/6/2010Mn Edta
5617/21242010Librel RMX8 agglomerated No 7/6/2010Cu Edta,Fe Edta,Mn Edta,Zinc Edta
5618/21242010Librel Zn zinc chelate No 7/6/2010Zinc Edta
5658/21242010Librel Cu copper chelate No 7/6/2010Cu Edta
5659/21242010Librel Fe Lo iron chelate No 7/6/2010Fe Edta