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Advancing Eco Agriculture details and products

CO_AG_ID 2433
Address 4551 Parks West Rd.
Company Advancing Eco Agriculture
City Middlefield
State OH
ZIP 44062-9345
Country USA
Phone (440)632-1012
First Name Bill
Last Name Cisneros
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
9142/24332021ReBound Iron No 7/15/2021Iron Sulfate
9143/24332021ReBound Boron No 7/15/2021Disodium Octaborate
9144/24332021ReBound Cobalt No 7/15/2021Cobalt Sulfate
9145/24332021ReBound Manganese No 7/15/2021Manganese Sulfate
9146/24332021ReBound Molybdenum No 7/15/2021Sodium Molybdate
9147/24332021ReBound Zinc No 7/15/2021Zinc Sulfate
8986/24332020ReBound Copper No 8/18/2020Copper Sulfate
8588/24332018Sea Shield 2-0.5-0.3 Yes 8/14/2018Seafood Protein Hydrolysis
8526/24332018Rebound Copper No 8/3/2018Copper Sulfate,Fulvic Acid,Molasses
8527/24332018Rebound Iron No 8/3/2018Fulvic Acid,Iron Sulfate,Molasses
8528/24332018Rebound Boron No 8/3/2018Disodium Octaborate,Fulvic Acid,Molasses
8529/24332018Rebound Cobalt No 8/3/2018Copper Sulfate,Fulvic Acid,Molasses
8530/24332018Rebound Manganese No 8/3/2018Fulvic Acid,Manganesesulfate,Molasses
8531/24332018Rebound Molybdenum No 8/3/2018Fulvic Acid,Molasses,Sodium Molybdate
8532/24332018Rebound Zinc No 8/3/2018Fulvic Acid,Molasses,Zinc Sulfate
8181/24332017Salute Iron No 5/2/2017Ferrous Sulfate
8182/24332017Slute Manganese No 5/2/2017Magnesium Sulfate
8183/24332017Salute Zinc No 5/2/2017Zinc Sulfate
8164/24332017Salute Boron No 2/6/2017Boron
8165/24332017Salute Cobalt No 2/6/2017Cobalt
8166/24332017Salute Copper No 2/6/2017Copper Sulfate
8167/24332017Sodium Molybdate No 2/6/2017Sodium Molybdate
7681/24332015Rebound Cobalt No 5/21/2015Cobolt Sulfate,Molasses,Fulvic Acid
7682/24332015Rebound Maganese No 5/21/2015Manganese Sulfate,Molasses,Fulvic Acid
7683/24332015Rebound Molybdenum No 5/21/2015Sodium Molybdate,Molasses,Fulvic Acid
7684/24332015Rebound Copper No 5/21/2015Copper Sulfate,Molasses,Fulvic Acid
7685/24332015Rebound Iron No 5/21/2015Iron Sulfate,Molasses,Fulvic Acid
7686/24332015Rebound Boron No 5/21/2015Disodium Octaborate,Molasses,Fulvic Acid
7687/24332015Rebound Zinc No 5/21/2015Zinc Sulfate,Molasses,Fulvic Acid