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AgroLiquid Division of COG Marketers Ltd details and products

CO_AG_ID 2943
Address 3055 W M 21
Company AgroLiquid Division of COG Marketers Ltd
City St. Johns
State MI
ZIP 48879
Country USA
Phone 989-224-4117
First Name Eustaquia
Last Name Lee
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8928/294320205% Boron No 2/7/2020Sodium Borate
8929/294320206% Copper No 2/7/2020Copper Sulfate
8930/294320204% Iron No 2/7/2020Ferrous Sulfate
8931/294320204% Manganese No 2/7/2020Manganese Sulfate
8932/294320204% Zinc No 2/7/2020Zinc Sulfate
8933/29432020Micro 500 No 2/7/2020Copper Sulfate,Ferrous Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Borate,Zinc Sulfate
8934/29432020Micro 400 No 2/7/2020Copper Sulfate,Ferrous Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate
8109/29432016Micro 500 No 8/31/2016Copper Sulfate,Ferrous Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Sodium Borate,Zinc Sulfate
7994/294320165% Boron No 4/18/2016Sodium Borate
7995/294320166% Copper No 4/18/2016Copper Sulfate
7996/294320164% Iron No 4/18/2016Ferrous Sulfate
7997/294320164% Manganese No 4/18/2016Manganese Sulfate
7998/294320164% Zinc No 4/18/2016Zinc Sulfate
7999/29432016Micro 400 No 4/18/2016Copper Sulfate,Ferrous Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate